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W&H Xtra Membership Scheme

How do you make the best even better?

... you add a little Xtra!

When a company offers products or services that are already the
best, how do they make them even better? At W&H we apply
innovation in design, technology, materials and service provision.
But for us, this is not enough. We want to offer you a little Xtra.

W&H Xtra does exactly what its name suggests – gives you extra.
Xtra value, Xtra support and Xtra advice. By purchasing and using
W&H products, you have shown your support for us as a
manufacturer and service provider. By becoming amember of Xtra,
you are giving us a chance to say thank you.

To become a life member of W&H Xtra, all you have to do is spend a
total of £2,500 (excl. VAT) on W&H products and/or service within
a 12 month period. Qualifying spend must be via a W&H (UK)
authorised retailer for products, and via the W&H (UK) Technical
Service Department for service/repair of W&H instruments.

Membership Benefits

W&H Xtra membership entitles you to Xtra special treatment, for example:

> 20% off handpiece service/repairs from W&H (UK) Technical Service Dept

> Exclusive Xtra special offers on W&H service, including sterilizer validation

> Exclusive Xtra special offers on W&H and/or third party products

> Access to free training sessions for Continuing Professional Development

> Advance notice of new W&H products

> Exclusive Xtra competitions

Once you're a member, no further purchases are necessary. Although you'll be getting such good deals that you may of course be tempted from time to time!

Joining W&H Xtra couldn’t be easier. Just send photocopies of your retailer copy invoices or your W&H customer account number with the membership application form to:
W&H Xtra, Marketing Dept, W&H (UK) Ltd, 6 Stroud Wood Business Centre,
Park Street, St Albans, Hertfordshire AL2 2NJ

If you don’t immediately qualify, don’t worry. Just keep sending us
your repairs, or save up & submit copies of your retailer product invoices, and we’ll let you know when you do qualify.

W&H Xtra is a membership scheme for dental practices based in the UK and Ireland only.

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