Sharing experiences with Austrian economic delegates

Austrian business delegates
European export prospects were the focus of a series of discussions with Austrian business delegates.

Economic prospects and future growth potentials in Europe were the focus of a series of discussions with Austrian business delegates held at W&H headquarters on 11th October 2017. In their discussions, the team of 15 delegates led by Dr Christian Möller, Head of the Trade Policy and Foreign Trade section of WKS, tackled important topics such as trade restrictions and opportunities for export.

With an export quota of 95%, W&H makes a significant contribution to the Austrian economy. Eighteen subsidiaries and a close network of partner companies ensure that W&H products can be exported to more than 110 countries around the world. In his welcome speech, W&H Managing Director Peter Malata stressed the importance of the European region for the family-run company. With numerous subsidiaries across Europe, W&H ensures intensive market processing in each country.

Simon Niedermüller, Director of Sales, and Herbert Traschwandtner, member of the Executive Board, provided visitors an insight into the current and future development. In order to be able to meet the tough demands of the European economy, which is is characterized by a strong competitive situation, W&H uses modern manufacturing processes and sets high quality standards. In addition to producing the exact number of units to meet daily individual customer requirements, the company has also had an impressively modern team structure in place for many years. The business delegates were also taken on a factory tour, enabling them to experience first-hand the industrial operations of this internationally active business.

Insight into the company’s structure.
W&H's high-quality product portfolio
Efficient production processes.