W&H supports everyday heroes

From a patient to a fan

W&H’s new image campaign “From a patient to a fan” will be turning a spotlight on dentists and dental professionals. These everyday heroes ensure their patients are in safe and reliable hands whatever the treatment situation. They show great dedication to their work and time and again manage to put a smile on their patients’ faces, simply because they care. Even the smallest of their patients’ difficulties is a major concern. That’s why they are always gaining new fans and succeed again in making their patients happy.

We play an important role in our customers’ success and assist them in turning patients into fans.

W&H Managing Director Peter Malata

The new W&H image campaign gives these heroes the recognition they deserve. With a perfect balance of know-how, empathy and technology they can achieve optimal results. W&H supports the practice team in its daily tasks and, with its innovative product portfolio, is a cornerstone of its success. “The daily challenges faced by the practice team are our motivation. As a solutions provider, our products help ensure that the workflow in the dental practice is as smooth as possible”, states W&H Managing Director Peter Malata. “With innovative dental technology that is ideally suited to the users’ needs, the team can give their full and undivided attention to what really matters: the patient. We play an important role in our customers’ success and assist them in turning patients into fans.”

Dr. X. Pert
Because you always know what to do!

Dr. Sue Perstar
Because your career is your calling!

The new campaign aims to portray W&H in an eye-catching manner and to differentiate it from the competition, all with the customary twinkle in the eye. In the eyes of their patients, dentists become Dr. Phil Good, Dr. X. Pert or Dr. Sue Perstar, and thus become the living embodiment of well-being, expertise, innovative spirit and trust. The result is a modern, internationally adaptable campaign format with emotive images from dental practice. A striking nameplate has been developed as an overarching key visual, clearly communicating the respective names such as Dr. Phil Good or Dr. X. Pert.

Together we make it happen!