LED Upgrade Set

Daylight quality LED light

Change your existing halogen motor over to daylight quality LED light. The W&H LED upgrade set allows you to upgrade the W&H EA-40 LT motor with just two new components. So you can enjoy daylight quality light generated by innovative LED technology, while still using conventional glass rod instruments.

Restoration & Prosthetics

Restoration & Prosthetics

System Overview

* Multiflex® is a registered trade mark of Kaltenbach & Voigt GmbH, Germany
** also with other coupling versions available
*** Contra-angle handpieces of the Synea Vision Short Edition can be used on micromotors with an ISO coupling length of 23 mm or less.
**** Add-on control MF-100: Currently not available in North America

  • LED upgrade set

    Daylight quality LED light

    No matter what glass rod instruments you use, a motor which has been upgraded to an LED gives you perfect white daylight quality light throughout the entire treatment area.

    LED technology has a significantly longer lifespan than conventional halogen bulbs. What’s more, it provides an almost unimaginable intensity of daylight quality light, which is many times brighter than standard halogen light.

    Your advantages at a glance

    • Daylight quality LED light
    • Simple installation even with existing units
    • Ten-times longer lifespan than halogen bulbs
    Connection diagram

    Connection diagram

    The circuit board has been safety tested for its compliance with standard IEC 60601-1 and carries the UL quality mark. It is the responsibility of the specialist customer to ensure that the entire system complies with all applicable standards and regulations.
  • LED for installation in the motor
    Colour temperature: 5500 K
    Sterilizable: up to 135 °C

    LED electronics system for installation in the dental unit
    Dimensions: 28 mm x 20 mm x 25 mm