Extraction of impacted teeth

“You gotta act” - or why the preparation in extraction of impacted teeth is so important

Willing to give patients the best treatment and services is the main motive for dentists and companies that offer the most advanced technology and equipment. Guided by the belief that dentists and their patients deserve the best, W&H Bulgaria organized in November 2016 a clinical theoretical-practical course on the topic “Extraction of impacted teeth”. Lecturer of the event was the leading specialist in the field of dental surgery and implantology Dr. Branimir Kirilov.

The event was held in three parts. During the first part, participants had the opportunity to observe a live operation in Dr. Kirilov’s clinic, where his practical experience was demonstrated in a complex clinical case. The second theory part took place in one of the halls in hotel “Marinella”, which brought together nearly 40 participants. The seemingly familiar theme of extraction of impacted teeth created new thinking in the different approach of the lecturer. The different approach to planning and the technique of solving specific clinical cases provoked a lively discussion among the participants.

Dr. Branimir Kirilov provided the participants with valuable advice for the surgical application of the Piezomed and Implantmed.

Valuable tips from a surgical specialist

The main emphasis in the practical part was the need of serious preparation of the dental professionals, as well as the technical support. During the practical part of the course, the participants had the opportunity to extract teeth of pig heads and were able to see different techniques of sewing. The demonstrated solutions for the use of the piezo surgery unit Piezomed presented once again all the advantages of the innovative ultrasound technology. High-frequency microvibrations allow cutting and extraction of teeth with incredible precision.

In addition, with the so-called cavitation effect the dentists can also ensure an almost blood-free surgical site. The surgical procedures presented with Piezomed showed the participants that the use of innovative ultrasound technology supports greatly the working process in extraction of impacted teeth. During the practical exercises the advantages of the latest generation of Implantmed were demonstrated. In his presentation, Dr. Branimir Kirilov pointed out one of the leading thoughts of Steve Jobs that helps him to deal with the serious challenges that he is facing in his daily practice: “You gotta act. And you've gotta be willing to fail. If you're afraid of failing, you won't get very far." Because when one is prepared for the professional challenges, then they turn into success.