Professional insights for dental students and dentists

Dental Workshop

Give patients the best treatment and service is the main motive in modern dentistry. To familiarize dental students and dentists from Croatia with the functionalities of the Implantmed, a 2 day event with the motto “Implantology Specialization” was organized by Territory Manager Damjan Gorenc in collaboration with W&H partner Inoval d.o.o. at the Dental University Zagreb.

Interactive implantology workshop at the Dental University Zagreb

From 20th to 21st of September, 44 prospective and practicing dentists, specialising in implantology, took up the opportunity to learn more about the advantages of the W&H medical device in clinical use by taking part in interactive lectures and workshops. Guided by the expert Prof. Irina Filipovic-Zore DDM, renowned surgical expert, the participants gained insights into latest scientific findings in the field of implantology and MIS implants. To experience the real clinical benefit of Implantmed, the workshop attendees had the possibility to place demo implants into an artificial bone. During practical training Prof. Filipovic-Zore was supported by Dr. Tanja Milosak, sales representative of Dentalni Megastore d.o.o./MIS implants.

“For the market success of our products it is essential to create a strong brand perception at an early stage. Therefore the direct contact to universities and dental students is an important component of our market activities in Croatia. Our aim is to give students the opportunity to gain practical experience by using the latest W&H technology in the field of implantology. We are therefore positioning W&H as an important contact and expert also for their later professional career”, explains Damjan Gorenc. “By offering these workshops also to dentists, we created an excellent platform for an exchange of experiences and the active networking.”

dental training

Prof. Irina Filipovic-Zore DDM gave students and dentists practical advice for an efficient implantation.

W&H Implantmed
place implants

During the workshop the participants could test the Implantmed functionalities with placing implants into artificial bone.

Zagreb University
minimal invasive

Getting familiar with minimally invasive implantation techniques …

Dental University Zagreb, Croatia