Minimally invasive techniques in endodontics

Demanding clinical endo cases and a comprehensive product presentation of the Tigon+ were the centre of attention of the clinical congress at Zagreb from 27th to 28th of October 2017. The event was organized by the Institute for Endodontic and Restorative Dentistry of Dental University Zagreb in cooperation with the Croatian Society for Minimal Intervention Dental Medicine (HDMID).

Prof. Ivana Miletić provided comprehensive insights into selected clinical endo cases.
Prof. Ivana Miletić provided comprehensive insights into selected clinical endo cases..

Following the congresses motto “synergy of science and clinical cases” dentists from Croatia had the opportunity to gain professional insights into advanced techniques in the field of endodontics. On the first day of the congress, various lectures were held at the Hotel Dubrovnik. Additionally Territory Manager Damjan Gorenc and Product Manager Bernhard Eder presented advantages and innovative functionalities of the piezo scaler Tigon+ focusing on endodontic applications at the W&H booth.

Day 2 was dedicated to lectures and workshops held at the Zagreb University. The first speaker was Dr Gustavo De Deus, an endodontic specialist from Brazil. He gave the participants insights into the field of reciprocal endodontics (VDW). This was followed by a presentation of Prof. Ivana Miletić, Department of Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry at the University of Zagreb, of selected clinical endo cases using the Tigon+. The dentists gained insights into indications like the removal of fractured endo instruments, endo-irrigation and much more. After the case presentations Dr Valentina Rajić held a lecture about her endo-reciprocal experiences in her practice.

To discover the benefits of the Tigon+ the participants were invited to test the functionalities in workshops. While the first part of the hands-on training, managed by Dr Gustavo De Deus and the well-known Croatian endodontic specialist Dr Šutić Igor, was dedicated to reciprocal applications (VDW), the second part was supported by Prof Ivana Miletić and Bernhard Eder who explained the usage of the piezo tips in detail.

During the two-day congress the participants showed particular interest in the live experience of Tigon+ for endo applications. »The combination of theory and practice made the event very practical and varied. Additionally the dentists had the opportunity to discuss daily challenges with renown experts«, explained Damjan Gorenc. »With our participation in the congress our aim is to present our latest W&H technologies and to support the exchange of experiences among the Croatian dental community, which adds value to the daily work.«

W&H Tigon+ piezo scaler.
W&H Tigon+ piezo scaler
application knowledge and product information
Application knowledge and product information.