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Osstell Beacon & SmartPegs Promotion January to June 2022

Valid until June 30, 2022

Osstell Beacon Information

Your advantages at a glance

Osstell Beacon

The Osstell Beacon shows you within a matter of seconds when an implant is osseointegrated and can therefore be loaded. Because it operates wirelessly, it gives you greater freedom of movement in your dental practice. The data can be safely stored and compared on the Osstell Connect platform.

  • Evaluate implant stability and monitor osseointegration
  • Extract data, share files and analyse results using the Osstell Connect portal
  • Shorter treatment times
  • Greater predictability of treatment of patients with risk factors

Osstell IDx Information

Your advantages at a glance

Osstell IDx

Osstell IDx is a quick, non-invasive system for determining implant stability and assessing the progression of osseointegration without jeopardising the healing process. It provides precise, consistent and objective data required for making well-informed decisions.

  • Determine implant stability and degree of osseointegration
  • Shorter treatment time and improved treatment of high-risk patients
  • Results that are easy to interpret using an intuitive colour scheme based on the ISQ scale
  • Efficient communication with patients and collaboration with colleagues
  • Extract data, share files and analyse implant and treatment information using Osstell Connect
  • Share patients on different IDxs

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