Assistina 301: Уже 30 лет Номер 1

W&H is permanently on the forefront with regard to quality, innovation, and usability of its products. Proper and professional care plays an extremely important role in the longevity and value retention of precision transmission instruments. For 30 years now, W&H’s maintenance system Assistina 301 has been providing excellent service in the upkeep of dental handpieces.

Устойчивое к царапинам покрытие повышает качество стоматологических наконечников

Sophisticated technology is at the core of W&H’s research and plays a decisive role in improving the quality of patient treatment. One of the most impactful developments in W&H’s portfolio is the ScratchBlocker coating. It was specifically devised with durability, aesthetics, and sustainability in mind and takes dental handpieces to a new level.

Хорватская стоматологическая клиника стала победителем розыгрыша, посвященному выпуску 100 000 стерилизаторов на заводе W&H Sterilization.

W&H reached a milestone in its sterilizer production last October, when #100,000 left the factory in Brusaporto, Italy. For this special occasion, a sterilizer of your choice was raffled off via the W&H Instagram channel. Just recently, the prize was handed over to the lucky winner directly at the production facility of W&H Sterilization.