EAO Congress in Madrid

Optimised Treatment Planning with Implantmed

At the EAO congress in Madrid, W&H presented an innovation in the field of implantology with a new generation of Implantmed. The Annual Scientific Congress of the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO) provided up-to-date scientific knowledge and technological trends in implantology from 5th to 8th October 2017. The Feria de Madrid exhibition site (IFEMA) provided the venue for the 26th annual conference.

More than 4,200 visitors from 78 countries took the opportunity to maintain and expand their networks, to gain first-hand knowledge of product innovations and to participate in interactive scientific symposia and round table talks. Some 100 speakers and delegates from all over the world presented their current knowledge on osseointegration, soft tissue regeneration, digital treatment planning and much more.

From the left in the picture: Dr. Martina Banze, Director Scientific Marketing, Andreas Lette, Product Manager for Oral Surgery & Implantology, Christopher Stachl, CEO of W&H Impex, Bastian Diebald, Sales and Marketing Director and member of the W&H Management, Ángela Paredes, Managing Director of W&H Ibérica, Rudolf Flieger, member of the W&H Supervisory Board, Ramon Ferrer, W&H Ibérica Sales Team, Rafael Janer, W&H Ibérica Sales Team, Sergio López, W&H Ibérica Sales Team, Catalina García, W&H Ibérica Sales Team, and Jose Martínez, Head of the W&H Ibérica Sales Team.
The W&H team at the EAO congress told visitors about state-of-the-art product solutions and efficient treatment workflows.

Safe Assessment of Implant Stability

The EAO congress chalked up a new record regarding trade exhibition where approximately 140 manufacturers and dealers presented their latest product innovations and clinical solutions. The W&H experts at the exhibition stand focused on advanced technologies for optimum treatment planning and continuous documentation of treatment. As a result of the cooperation with Osstell, the Swedish specialist for osseointegration, the W&H Osstell ISQ module has been added to the latest generation of Implantmed. This makes Implantmed the world’s only surgical device with integrated implant stability measurement.

Therefore users benefit from a system for determining the implant stability and degree of osseointegration. “The issue of immediate loading plays an important role in implantology. Patients not only want atraumatic treatment but also the shortest possible treatment time,” according to Andreas Lette, W&H Product Manager.

Àngela Paredes, Managing Director W&H Ibérica, went on to say, “By using the expandable W&H Osstell ISQ module, implantologists are able to monitor the status of osseointegration continuously and to make decisions about the optimum loading time for an implant more precisely. We therefore provide our customers with support to significantly optimise the treatment period.” Àngela Paredes and Andreas Lette, together with the Spanish W&H team on-site, provided visitors with an understanding of the new product’s advantages.

W&H Implantmed
Advantages of the combination of short surgical motor and surgical straight and contra-angle handpieces.
Advantages of the combination of short surgical motor and surgical straight and contra-angle handpieces.

Implantmed Provides a High Degree of Flexibility

In addition to extensive insights into the optionally expandable functionality for implant stability measurement, W&H provided additional information at the exhibition stand about Implantmed’s innovative functions and upgradeable features. Implantologists were particularly interested in the colour touch screen with its glass surface for intuitive operation as well as the wireless foot control. The wireless foot control ensures greater flexibility in the surgical environment and for the first time enables operators to switch between several surgical devices, such as Implantmed and the piezoelectric operated surgical device Piezomed.

Also the combination of short surgical motor and surgical straight and contra-angle handpieces was part of lively discussions with the W&H experts. Experiencing live demonstrations, visitors were able to convince themselves of the perfect balance of motor and instrument in the hand. The W&H product manager explained, “This unique combination, for example, assists the user during implant bed preparation, implant insertion and osteotomies.”

Dr. Ackermann, Andreas Lette
Dr. Karl-Ludwig Ackermann, oral surgeon (Germany), and Andreas Lette, W&H Product Manager.
clinical applications
State-of-the-art knowledge about clinical applications to the visitors.

The considerable interest in the new Implantmed among visitors of the EAO congress as well as the high number of decision-makers at the W&H exhibition stand clearly showed the surgical device’s added value for surgical specialists. Andreas Lette said, “Alongside evaluation of the bone quality and specific bone augmentation, an implant needs as well to be positioned in such a way that it merges into the jaw perfectly. In addition, the patient’s comfort and quality of life stays at highest priority throughout the entire treatment.” Equipped with innovative functionalities, e.g. for a non-invasive assessment of osseointegration and implant stability, Implantmed stands for safety, ease of use and flexibility in modern implantology.

W&H trade fair stand
Hustle and bustle at the W&H trade fair stand.
Insights into the latest W&H technologies.