W&H Launches New Proxeo Twist Rotary Polishing Systems

W&H has recently expanded its portfolio for North America with a choice of two new rotary polishing systems for more comfort and greater freedom of movement in the oral cavity during prophylaxis or periodontitis treatment. Their unique and innovative Prophy Angle cups were designed in consultation with prophy users for an optimum polishing experience.

W&H Launches Brand Awareness Campaign

W&H is all about community and their motto “People have Priority” is always in the forefront of everything they do. The goal of their digital brand awareness campaign is building a community of dental practices and professionals across the U.S. who share the same passion and love for the W&H products they utilize to safely treat their patients on a daily basis whether it’s high-end devices or precision instruments. Additionally, the campaign is a way to educate potential and new customers on the legacy of the W&H brand, the superior Austrian-made quality of their products, and the peace of mind their product portfolio brings to their practice, ensuring a safer experience for their staff and their patients.

Best-of tips for your “green” journey

Over the past few months, we have gathered many ideas and tips for dentists to get actively involved in the global sustainability movement. The collective goal: save our planet for ourselves and many generations to come. As a manufacturer of dental products, we are with you and will continue our efforts as well. Here is a list summarising what you can do within your dental clinic to become part of the change.

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