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W&H Experience Center:

The customer experience is becoming the most important factor in ongoing digitization. Only those who interact digitally and play on emotions will be able to thrive in today’s market. W&H has achieved just that with the ‘W&H Experience Center’: The virtual platform enables a new form of customer-focused communication which provides the opportunity to interact and network, even in these times of social distancing. W&H customers can take part in a product and brand experience from wherever they are, live and with a real feel.

Incredible Inside & Outside

With the new Lexa sterilizer, W&H offers now more of all that counts in every day dental infection control: incredible capacity, efficiency and protection. Large chamber capacity combined with short cycle times and full traceability speed up your sterilization process at the highest standards. Versatile cycle program options for all types of loads make the Lexa sterilizer the perfect partner in your hygiene workflow.

One cordless W&H handpiece – several cup systems

W&H is redefining freedom in rotary polishing: With the new Proxeo Twist Cordless Polishing System, you now have even more freedom of choice and freedom of movement. Regardless of which cup system you prefer – LatchShort, Screw-in or Disposable Prophy Angles – you have the choice! The new system’s wireless design offers improved ergonomics and greater mobility for your IPC workflow.

W&H launches a virtual brand world

Any time, anywhere – experience W&H virtually and up close! With its launching of the new Experience Center, W&H is breaking new ground in product communication: the virtual brand world is the epitome of innovation, awakens emotions, enthrals and thrills. Products and events that can be experienced live provide B2B and B2C customers with fascinating insights and offer a completely fresh user experience.

W&H powered by over 1,800 photovoltaic modules

W&H Dentalwerk is committed to working toward a sustainable future at its Bürmoos site. The latest environmental technology and renewable energy sources are key elements in the upgrades being made at the site. Rooftop photovoltaics systems installed on the newly constructed halls are a big step towards a positive energy balance.

Lyla: Your customised solution – now and in the future

Face all challenges ahead – with the new Lyla S type sterilizer from W&H. Smart upgrades respond to your business needs and make the W&H innovation the perfect partner for your hygiene workflow. With an easy upgrade from S to B type sterilizer, W&H covers high requirements with only one unit. This forward-thinking technology makes Lyla the future-proof, best performing solution for safe reprocessing and infection prevention.

W&H ProService

Uncompromising quality from professionals – not only when purchasing new medical devices, but also when it comes to service. W&H ProService is the standard for maximum service quality in medical technology and offers, with a worldwide network of professional service partners, the best for you and your patients.

Implantology meets Implantmed

Dental implantology is evolving at a rapid pace. Treatments are increasingly becoming safer and gentler and the implantology workflow more efficient and verifiable. And Implantmed is part of this progress. Andreas Brandstätter, Strategic Product Manager for Oral Surgery and Implantology, knows exactly how the W&H innovation has changed implantology during the past 20 years. We spoke to him about W&H’s USPs and the secret to its success.

Aerosol: Fact vs. Fiction!

Interview with Judith Berg:What is the right way to deal with aerosol and bacteria? That´s the key question when it comes to safety in the dental practice. But what is fact and what is fiction? Product manager Judith Berg has prepared some answers.

Implantmed – the game changer
in implantology

From innovation to a strong brand: Implantmed. These days, W&H’s high-end device is synonymous with dental implantology. Clear design combined with technical finesse make Implantmed an absolute game changer – and that’s been the case for 20 years. It is opening up new possibilities for treatment and is helping the professional community to progress. We have seen Implantmed grow rapidly from a new technology to become a best-selling smart device today.

W&H AIMS – safe infection prevention

W&H AIMS (Advanced Infection prevention Management Solutions) is the workflow for every dental practice. W&H AIMS provides step-by-step support for professional hygiene management to effectively break the chain of infection.

Unique W&H solution for the Zygoma application

For upper jaw interventions, one possible alternative is the use of Zygoma implants. The new 20:1 Zygoma handpiece for implant site preparation and implant insertion was developed by W&H in cooperation with leading Zygoma specialists. The contra-angle handpiece chucking system makes this product the only one of its kind and offers users a high level of safety.


So, we’ve arrived at the new normal – now it’s our turn to keep moving! We want to share our knowledge with professionals around the world and play an active role in overcoming the challenges ahead. With our #dentalsunited campaign, we are uniting to embrace the future of our profession with innovative ideas.

W&H Sterilization: The "Italian Welfare Champion 2020" – best backdrop for customer support

Together with its 100 employees, W&H Sterilization S.r.l., based in Brusaporto (Bergamo) faces a real challenge in times of Covid-19 by providing best customer support for safe reprocessing and infection prevention. For its commitment to corporate welfare, W&H Sterilization was named “Italian Welfare Champion 2020”.

The two sides of the new W&H Lina sterilizer

Usability outside – technology inside. Together, the powerful package for reprocessing dental instruments by using a B type sterilizer: this is how the new generation of Lina sterilizers showcases.

Free webinar range – ‘knowledge upload’ starting this autumn!

W&H brings a breath of fresh air with a free range of webinars to the virtual floor! Use this autumn for your individual training and learn from international experts. Boost your clinical efficiency, easily and conveniently – with W&H Distance Learning, completely free of charge and despite all travel restrictions.

W&H commemorates pioneer

On July 31, 2020, Dr Karl-Ludwig Ackermann, Filderstadt (Germany), suddenly passed away completely unexpectedly. The dental industry is losing a longtime friend, companion, pioneer and mentor.


It is times of crisis that show how important it is to stick together. For this reason we want to share our know-how and send “professionals” back to a normal business life all over the world. We want to face the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic together, provide the best support possible and break new ground. For this purpose we have launched the campaign #dentalsunited.

NIWOP – Part 1: The pre-treatment

NIWOP is a plannable workflow that starts long before implantation and continues beyond the prosthetic restoration. Its goal, aside from actual implant placement, is minimising the incidence of biological complications such as peri-implant mucositis or peri-implantitis. (The pre-treatment as per articles from PD Dr Kristina Bertl, PhD, MBA, MSc)

Ultrasound-activated mechanical biofilm management

Continued maintenance of peri-implant health and the associated, targeted prevention of peri-implant disease are essential to ensuring long-term implant success. The case described here illustrates the possibilities for employing a piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler in the scope of SIT for the efficient cleaning of tooth and implant surfaces.

Quick Connect by W&H: the innovative adaptor solution for the Assistina Twin

The W&H reprocessing device Assistina Twin has been improved with the new adaptor solution "Quick Connect by W&H". This makes it even easier and faster to change the adaptor and offers optimised workflows and efficiency for the practice.

One year of NIWOP

“No Implantology without Periodontology”: Given the increasing prevalence of periodontal diseases and the steadily increasing age of the patients requiring implant treatment, the need for a systematic approach is clearly evident. pip spoke with Dr Martina Banze, Director of Scientific Marketing and Bernhard Eder, Product Portfolio Management for Prophylaxis & Periodontology.

One control unit – two devices

The new W&H prophylaxis solution presents itself as convenient, wireless and efficient. From now on, the PB-530 Proxeo Ultra Piezo scaler and the wireless PL-40 H Proxeo Twist Polishing System can be controlled using just a single wireless foot control. This not only makes it more convenient to operate, but also ensures more efficiency in working process.

Modern and intuitive:
Double triple for W&H design

When man meets machine, user-friendly operation plays a crucial role. For the Austrian company W&H, this is precisely where the focus lies when designing medical technology products. W&H’s designs have succeeded in winning over not one but two international juries, with three products winning prizes at the Good Design Award 2019 in the USA and the German Design Award 2020.

The pre-treatment phase and the importance of a stable periodontal situation

Peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis are, unfortunately, relatively frequently occurring biological complications. In order to reduce the prevalence of such biological complications, the NIWOP concept aims to remind the dental health professions of actually well-known facts. - by PD Dr. Kristina Bertl, PhD MBA MSc

Hi there I am Lisa, the incredible Lisa!

For all those who do not know me, I am a W&H sterilizer. This year, I am celebrating my twentieth birthday, and for the occasion, I want to tell you my story – a truly incredible story!

Individual Periodontitis Aftercare: A User Report

The following case report concerns a male patient born in 1967 with chronic, already very advanced periodontitis with furcation involvement. The initial diagnostic findings revealed periodontal pockets measuring 6-8 mm across the dentition. Prior to treatment, he had not seen a dentist for ten years.

To the powder, get set, go – a new prophylaxis trio

With the slogan “Proxeo – prophy for professionals”, W&H presents its expanded portfolio for automatic plaque removal. Proxeo supports the complete preventive workflow on the basis of scientific recommendations for each patient and each indication. The three new prophylaxis powders are presented in the following article. - by Christin Bunn, Prophylaxe Journal 5 (2019)

Endurance test for Implantmed in Africa

Since 2010, dentists, technicians and experts in dental health from Germany have been supporting an aid project in Siavonga, Zambia, as part of the “Dentists Without Limits Foundation” (DWLF). Treatments are carried out both in the dental clinic at the local hospital in Siavonga and on people in the surrounding area –always featuring the use of an Implantmed device from W&H.

Interview Prof. Andreas Stavropoulos

The 17th Biennial conference of the IAP in Bangkok presented a variety of talks and workshops in the field of periodontology. In addition to discussing new developments and current approaches to the management of periodontal diseases, further insights on the associations of systemic- and periodontal diseases as well as therapeutic approaches were shown. A practice day offered hands on workshops with the opportunity to learn from acclaimed experts in their respective fields and discuss patient cases.

W&H recognized at FutureZone Award 2019

With the new ioDent® brand, W&H has brought intelligent products and services onto the dental market, revolutionizing treatment processes for dentists and patients. The medical technology company and its partner dataformers have now been awarded a top-three spot in the ‘Internet of Things’ category at the FutureZone Award 2019 for these ground-breaking, smart solutions.

New generation of W&H sterilizers: an incredible user experience

New safety and new intelligence. These are two key terms for the new generation of W&H sterilizers. Equipped with the latest technology, the new Lisa and Lara support customers to face their daily and future challenges, helping to make the reprocessing workflow in the dental practice more efficient and secure. Interview: Dr Ing. Marino Magno, Member of the General Management of W&H Sterilization.

A contra-angle handpiece becomes a premium brand

Dr Dominik Brunnhuber likes to compare product purchasing to going to the dentist: the main factors are quality and a sound result. However, additional parameters are key to building a long-term relationship. An interview on values, sustainability and consistency.

How do I ensure safety in my practice?

Christian Lechner is responsible for the application segment of reprocessing and infection control at W&H. We are daily receiving inquiries from dentists all over the world, on how to protect themselves, their staff and their patients from infections, especially during Covid-19.

Aerosol: Electric highspeed vs. Turbine?

Tobias Schwarz is responsible for the product portfolio restorative dentistry
at W&H.
Since there is more common awareness about the role of aerosols in infection transmission we are receiving many questions. Whats the right highspeed handpiece to be used to reduce the formation of aerosols? And many more …

Building a ‘Bridge to the future’

Among the exhibitors, W&H was amazing the dental community with its forward-thinking connected ioDent® solutions and concepts for treatment workflows such as NIWOP. Together with W&H Group member and technology partner Osstell AB, the latest developments for optimized treatment planning were shown.

NIWOP sets the trend at the ISDH in Brisbane

From 15 to 17 August the 21st International Symposium on Dental Hygiene 2019 (ISDH) took place in Brisbane, Australia. The latest trends and scientific discoveries in dental hygiene were presented through the prism of this year’s theme: “LEAD – Leadership, Empowerment, Advances & Diversity”. With a particular focus on the NIWOP concept, W&H gave interested trade visitors insights into their evidence-based workflow for pre-treatment, implantation and aftercare.

Synea, W&H’s premium brand, celebrates its 20th anniversary

As part of the Synea product range, W&H has presented innovative, high-performance and attractive products for the last 20 years. Therefore, Synea has established itself as standard in dental practice, providing users with both safety and efficiency in everyday use.

Benefits of Implantmed during implant treatment

Oral surgeon Dr. Karl-Ludwig Ackermann has a practice in Filderstadt (Germany) and teaches implantology and aesthetic dentistry at two universities. He has placed several thousand implants over the last 38 years. Since autumn 2016, Dr Ackermann has been working with the new, enhanced implantology motor - Implantmed by W&H.

New corporate design for W&H

W&H has a fresh new look: the renowned medical technology company has a new, even more modern corporate design to go with its new strategic orientation.

Internal sinus lift – patient-friendly with piezo surgery

Transalveolar sinus floor augmentations produce fewer postoperative complaints compared with the lateral access. This case report describes the advantages of the piezosurgical procedure and a newly introduced instrument set for preparing the implant bed and lifting of the Schneiderian membrane.

W&H presents new technologies for the world of dentistry

At the International Dental Show (IDS), technology leader W&H is fascinating the dental community with its forward-thinking connected ioDent® solutions, a new generation of innovative products and brand-new concepts for workflows to assist with treatments. And all of this is complemented by a sparkling new brand identity with which the high-tech developer from Salzburg is once again underlining its innovative power in the dental sector.

Implantmed Plus: Smart ioDent® system saves time

W&H is constantly expanding its portfolio of networked products for dental practice. From summer of 2019, the ‘Implantmed Plus’ – a surgical device with the unique ‘ioDent®’ system – will be available to implantologists. This smart solution from W&H provides even more safety in dental practice, and enables resources to be used proactively and efficiently.

Your technological advantage in high-speed application

W&H has created a unique portfolio in the field of Built-in Solutions with its Primea Advanced Air technology. The easily integrated high-speed drive solution opens up new possibilities in dental preparation and ensures a technological advantage in dental units. Unit manufacturers benefit from a unique technology, which was awarded the National State Prize for Innovation in 2018.

No Implantology without Periodontology – #NIWOP

Some things do belong together: just as Yin needs Yang, implantology needs periodontology. With “No Implantology without Periodontology”, NIWOP for short, W&H presents a systematic and evidence-based workflow for a sound and healthy tissue situation around the implant.

W&H Australasia expands its sales range

From March 2019, W&H Australasia Pty Limited, a subsidiary of the international W&H Group, starts the distribution of the W&H Oral Surgery and Implantology (OSI) product range in Australia. Customers benefit from innovative technologies "Made in Austria" as well as high-quality W&H support and Service.

Over 1000 scientific studies related to Osstell

Osstell, the company that developed the original ISQ technology, today announces that by March 2019, there are now over 1000 scientific studies and publications evidencing Osstell’s unique ISQ technology using the original SmartPegs.

W&H sets new standards in periodontology with NIWOP

At EuroPerio9, W&H unveiled the “No Implantology without Periodontology” (NIWOP) treatment workflow. With this workflow, W&H highlights the importance of a healthy periodontal condition prior to implantation. In this interview, Bernhard Eder, W&H Product Manager of Prophylaxis and Periodontology, discusses why W&H is setting standards in periodontology and which advantages users may expect.

Piezo surgery – a broad spectrum of applications in oral surgery

In the age of minimally invasive treatment, dental surgeons and oral and maxillofacial surgeons are increasingly employing piezoelectric devices for the preparation of bone tissue. They allow particularly atraumatic preparation of hard tissue on the basis of ultrasonic surgery technology and the cavitation effect allows an almost blood-free operating field.

Preparation of implant beds - with tactfulness

The preparation of implant beds has to be efficient - and, at the same time, requires a great deal of tacfulness. The 9 new Implant/Crestal instruments for the Piezomed from W&H are specially indicated for fine maxilla bone and the internal sinus lift. Compared with standard rotary instruments, they offer improved tactile feedback, are less invasive and encourage osseointegration.

User Report Dr. Grant Dean - Primea Advanced Air

Nowadays, the challenges during preparations for prosthetics restauration are diverse. Combining precise top quality preparations and high safety with efficient operations is among the desired goals. Excellent Ergonomics, good light conditions in the oral cavity, as well as simple and intuitive handling are requirements for dental devices and instruments.

Optimal periodontal conditions for successful implantation

How can peri-implant infections be avoided and treated as needed? In addition to the newly presented classifications, this issue was a key topic at EuroPerio held in Amsterdam in June. In a symposium organized by the Austrian dental company W&H, Dr Karl-Ludwig Ackermann (Filderstadt, Germany) presented his clinical concept based on the NIWOP workflow (“No Implantology without Periodontology”).

Implants should only be inserted when periodontal conditions are stable

Biofilm is the most significant cause of inflammatory bone loss around teeth and implants. Diagnostics, biofilm management and, where necessary, treatment help in patients with this problem. The W&H No Implantology without Periodontology workflow should provide stable tissue prior to implantation through prevention, and implant success in the long term through aftercare – something that is advantageous to both the patient and the treatment team.

Innovation requires the correct mixture

What makes a strong project team is a variety of skills, perspectives and talents. This is Harald Sighart’s point of view, as Director of Research and Development at W&H. In an interview, he explains what makes his project teams so special.

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