Sustainable quality: innovation, precision and longevity

The durability of our products is optimized through the use of the highest-quality materials and production processes, which, in turn, ensures a long service live in terms of sustainability.

W&H is a global leader in innovation and is committed to progress. Healthcare professionals all over the world rely on our expertise. We are working on the medical technology of tomorrow, today, and we can only make this a success by combining the creativity of our employees with the needs of our users. The W&H brand provides quality, reliability and good service for dentists, medical workers, customers, dealers and partners. For us, this means professional collaboration, competent support and exceptional expertise.

Product development

  • Innovative, long-lasting, reliable quality products
  • Modular solutions
  • Designed for reparability, longevity and upgrading

Efficient devices

  • Steady improvement of energy and resource efficiency

Product design

  • Eco-design
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Design according to user needs
  • Low-impact packaging

Customer support, service and repair

  • Network of dealers and subsidiaries in 130 countries
  • Certified international service partners (W&H ProService)

Our contribution to the SDG's*:

* United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)