W&H Campus

Knowledge is key.
Medical technology requires broad knowledge, a thirst for research, and persistence.

Why a W&H Campus?

There are few areas of life where expertise and new knowledge change as quickly as in the healthcare sector. There is no way around the further training of our employees, partners and specialists. How do we do this? As always with our keyword "enjoy."

The W&H Campus symbolises what we consider important in the company. The focus is on continuous knowledge transfer, dynamic exchange, innovative transfer of ideas and the training and further education of specialists. We have this aspiration for both internal developments and external collaborations. To summarise, these are our pillars that support our concept behind the Campus. What is normal for the DACH region can be seen as a speciality in an international context.

The 4 pillars of the W&H Campus
Internal training
External training
Apprentice training

As a medical technology company that sees a lot of potential in young people and has made a name for itself with a background of over six decades of experience in training young talents, we are aware of the responsibility that comes with this. Apprenticeship (for Austria, Germany and Switzerland) is another area that we focus on in German-speaking countries. Investing in education guarantees long-term success. In the end, it is the mix of different generations, international backgrounds and diverse perspectives that is so promising.

  • "The campus at the headquarters is also a popular venue for international workshops and team meetings. We also find the concept behind it exciting and effective in Italy too."
    Elena Ferrari
    General Management – Human Resources, W&H Italy
  • "For us, it is very useful and important to have a physical location in addition to the digital route via an Academy, for example. We run a lot of online webinars and virtual partner events that work perfectly for us. But we believe that the hybrid way is the most successful. (...)
    Josef Erbschwendtner
    Executive Management Team, W&H Austria & Germany
  • (...) Modern equipment, the latest technology, plenty of space for presentations and workshops, but also designed in such a way that everything is open for interdisciplinary collaboration. This is not only a supportive tool for our apprentices, but also for us."
    Josef Erbschwendtner
    Executive Management Team, W&H Austria & Germany
  • "When designing the W&H Campus, it was particularly important to us to think about the future. We took trends and tendencies into account in all decisions, not only in apprenticeship, but in general. Cooperation and visits from external partners are of course included."
    Christof Baier
    Campus Coordinator – W&H headquarters, Austria
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