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What are W&H Built-in Solutions?

    • United under the term Built-in Solutions, W&H offers a range of drive solutions that can be integrated in dental units. This makes it possible to equip your treatment units with new functionalities and innovative drives, thereby customizing them to suit your personal requirements.
    • As always, the highest level of treatment efficiency, ergonomics and maximum comfort for both the user and patient alike are at the heart of W&H Built-in Solutions.
  • Get your dental unit ready for the future

    Reduce complexity, avoid costs, increase efficiency and comfort – integrated dental system solutions from W&H make it all possible.

    With the Built-in Solutions with proven W&H quality you benefit in your day-to-day work from drive solutions with optimal ergonomics for outstanding treatment efficiency and maximum user comfort.

    Systematic concept generates added value

    W&H Built-in Solutions are the answer to our customers’ calls for efficient, holistic dental system solutions which can be integrated in units.

    With their optimal performance, highest reliability and guaranteed future security, the Built-in Solutions from W&H live up to the users’ innovation and quality requirements and generate considerable added value throughout the dental value creation chain.
  • Integrated competence

    “If it says W&H on the outside, there’s top quality on the inside” – our customers have been well aware of the fact for more than 125 years.

    W&H is now setting new benchmarks in dental drive technology yet again. The whole spectrum of W&H application expertise in its key competence – the development of dental handpieces – is reflected in the new, integrated complete solutions.

    Innovative W&H drive technology is the result of many years of experience and represents optimal efficiency, top quality and unrivalled treatment comfort.
    Integrated competence
  • The dental unit as a control panel

    The integrated drive renders surgical trolleys superfluous and multiple foot controls a thing of the past. That saves time and stress.

    Instead of requiring a separate device with its own foot control for each individual drive, in the future it will be possible to control all your application devices with one single foot control – that of your dental unit.

    For maximum efficiency and optimal comfort!
    The dental unit as a control panel
  • Turbine RK-97 L
  • Turbine RK-97 L
  • Shadow-free illumination with the piezo scaler PB-3
  • Electric motor EM-12 L with control module
  • EM-12L Endo Built-in group with display
  • Primea Advanced Air
  • Built-in piezo scaler PB-3 with PCB
  • Piezo scaler handpiece PB-3 with tip 1P

Discover the advantages of the Built-in Solutions from W&H

Ready for the future
Treatment comfort
W&H quality

Equip your dental unit ready for the future

  • Reduce complexity, avoid costs, increase efficiency and comfort – integrated dental system solutions from W&H make it all possible.
  • With the Built-in Solutions in proven W&H quality you benefit in your day-to-day work from drive solutions with optimal ergonomics for outstanding treatment efficiency and maximum user comfort.
  • For even more top-quality tooth preparations and optimal treatment results – today, tomorrow and even the day after.

Central control

  • Users prefer to control all of their applications from a central control unit with one foot control, i.e., from the dental unit.
  • With the integrated drive solutions from W&H, additional surgical trolleys, time-consuming preparation and reprocessing of the individual devices and multiple foot controls in the treatment area are a thing of the past.
  • All applications can be controlled centrally via the control unit or the dental unit’s foot control.
  • As such, W&H Built-in Solutions offer superior ergonomics and maximum comfort and allow users to manage their time more efficiently.

Optimal ergonomics in the treatment room for optimal treatment comfort

The lack of a surgical trolley offers you and your assistants more space for optimal treatment comfort without any kind of restrictions. The untidy mess of cables and time-consuming preparation and post-processing of the treatment room are now a thing of the past.

This frees up your assistants’ time for the truly important things such as customer retention and instrument hygiene.

W&H Quality made in Austria

Available soon in your dental unit too

Precision craftsmanship from development through manufacturing right up to delivery – for even better treatment results and higher efficiency in tooth preparations.

Our Built-in Solutions Products

    • Primea Advanced Air

      Control and precision with ease

      With the Primea Advanced Air you now have the air under perfect control. It is the world’s first air-driven high-speed drive solution with an adjustable bur speed to provide constant removal rate, even with increasing pressure. This allows you to work with the optimal application speed and maximum treatment efficacy at all times: a unique symbiosis of power and ease for extra control combined with premium comfort.

      Primea Advanced Air
    • Electric Motor (EM-12 L)

      Functionality meets comfort

      The EM-12 L brushless electric motor offers impressive functionality and comfort. It is particularly small and surprisingly light, is comfortable to hold and in addition to the consistent high power, also scores extra points with its features such as LED technology, long service life and quiet operation.

      Electric Motor (EM-12 L)
    • Piezo Scaler PB-5 L

      Ultra brilliant. Ultra efficient. Ultra safe.

      The new Proxeo Ultra Piezo Scalers from
      W&H were developed in collaboration with prophylaxis professionals and really live up to their name.
      Exclusive user advantages such as »Q-Link«, the only quick connection system of ist kind in the world, and the verified compatibility with pacemakers allow ultraefficient treatment.

      Piezo Scaler PB-5 L
    • Piezo Scaler (without light)

      Efficient, flexible, gentle

      The W&H ultrasonic scaler stands out for its fast removal of calculus and gentle, minimally invasive application. It offers optimal comfort and is flexible in its use thanks to the efficient W&H tip system. State-of-the-art piezo technology improves efficiency and tactile feedback in all clinical indications.

      Piezo Scaler without light
    • Electric Motor (EM-12 L)

      Functionality meets comfort

      The EM-12 L brushless electric motor offers impressive functionality and comfort. It is particularly small and surprisingly light, is comfortable to hold and in addition to the consistent high power, also scores extra points with its features such as LED technology, long service life and quiet operation.

      Electric Motor (EM-12 L)
    • Piezo Scaler (with 5x ring LED)

      Efficient, flexible, gentle

      The W&H ultrasonic scaler stands out for its fast removal of calculus and gentle, minimally invasive application. It offers optimal comfort and is flexible in its use thanks to the efficient W&H tip system. State-of-the-art piezo technology improves efficiency and tactile feedback in all clinical indications.

      Piezo Scaler with 5x ring LED
    • Piezo Scaler (without light)

      Efficient, flexible, gentle

      The W&H ultrasonic scaler stands out for its fast removal of calculus and gentle, minimally invasive application. It offers optimal comfort and is flexible in its use thanks to the efficient W&H tip system. State-of-the-art piezo technology improves efficiency and tactile feedback in all clinical indications.

      Piezo Scaler (without light)


W&H – uncompromising hygiene and safety

Clean and clear – this slogan from medical technology company W&H aims to highlight the synergies between its transmission instruments and processing devices. W&H turbine handpieces and straight and contra-angle handpieces boast a range of features that make them extra robust and hygienic. The accompanying processing and sterilization devices also ensure that the handpieces are reliable and hygienic for both patients and practice staff to use.

Innovation Days Southeast Asia

The Innovation Days are W&H's very successful format for interactive knowledge transfer. From April 17th to 19th, the event series took place for the second time in Southeast Asia. During the three-day event, the participants were able to experience W&H products at first hand and discuss new features with the W&H product managers.

BePro – Professional Protection

Comprehensive and professional hygiene management is essential for clinics, practices and laboratories. The safety of the patients and the entire practice team is a top priority. W&H presented the new hygiene portfolio "BePro – Professional Protection" for the first time at IDS 2023. The company thus covers the entire need for disinfectants and cleaning agents in practices and enables the highest standards of hygiene with this versatile overall solution.

Hygiene standards at the highest level

In this interview, Marino Magno, member of the management team at W&H Sterilization, talks about his vision for the W&H hygiene portfolio, current product highlights, sterilizers in a class of their own, and the new BePro cleaning range from W&H. He also gives an outlook on what else we can expect from W&H in the hygiene sector.

Small turbine handpieces for top-level requirements

Small, but mighty! The TK-94 L is the smallest of W&H’s Synea Vision turbine handpieces, convincing with modern technology, intelligent design, and optimal power. The turbine handpieces are particularly suitable for minimally invasive procedures thanks to their extra small head sizes. They are mainly used in geriatric and paediatric dentistry as well as for nervous patients as they allow stress-free and gentle treatment.

Competitive e-sports in Bürmoos

E-sports is booming – and even medical technology specialists like W&H are getting involved. Eight players, two teams and one huge challenge: The W&H Rocket League company teams, the W&H Sharks and W&H Tigers, have both qualified for the Nitro League 2023.

Ready for the future with Implantmed Plus

Digitally always up to date: W&H is constantly rolling out software updates and new product features for the Implantmed Plus. This gives users unique perspectives when treating their patients and for their individual implantology and surgical workflows.

W&H at IDS 2023 – a sneak preview of the trade fair highlights

This March, the International Dental Show in Cologne will once again play host to the dental industry’s key players as they showcase new products, forward-thinking technologies and innovative concepts for dental practices and laboratories. W&H is now giving a sneak preview of its trade fair highlights and product innovations. In the spirit of the W&H trade fair slogan ‘From innovative products to sustainable solutions’, W&H’s appearance at the trade fair will focus on its sustainable product and service solutions.

Reprocessing made easy

Improved usability, even more practical relevance, and further scientific information by a click: With the new W&H AIMS workflow for the correct reprocessing of instruments, W&H offers a valuable online help for professional hygiene management in dental practices.

Training completed: W&H supports new talents

The medical technology company W&H has always placed a special emphasis on training and development opportunities for its employees. The W&H competence academy provides individual support for key employees for a year and assigns them mentors who guide them personally. The training program was successfully completed at the end of 2022 by 14 talented W&H colleagues.

From innovative products to sustainable solutions – W&H exhibits at IDS 2023

Bigger than ever before and with plenty of innovative products to discover – W&H will be taking part in the International Dental Show (IDS) in 2023. True to the slogan ‘From innovative products to sustainable solutions’, the company is presenting forward-thinking and sustainable technologies for the dental industry.

W&H takes off – direction Rocket League

W&H is one of the pioneers in the field of medical technology. Continuous investments, state-of-the-art developments, and progressive thinking – W&H is leading the way. In big steps, as the medica technology company's latest project shows once again. In cooperation with the Austrian e-sports experts Morekats, W&H is now taking off in a whole new direction: the Rocket League.

W&H receives Environmental Management Award 2022 from BMK

The medical technology company W&H is pushing ahead with its environmental management in all projects with full vigour to achieve the company’s ecological and sustainable goals. This dedication has now been recognised by the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation, and Technology (BMK) with the Environmental Management Award in the category "Best Measure – Environmental and Climate Protection".

Largest construction project in the history of W&H completed

The medical technology company W&H has completed the most extensive construction project in its 130-year history. One of the region’s largest production and development centres has been emerged.

Xceed Limits with Lara XL

With the new Lara XL, W&H is launching a sterilizer that further complements the already high-performing and popular sterilizer models. More features, more innovation, more capacity – Lara XL will exceed all your expectations.

Assistina ONE – Number one for cleaning and maintenance

The new Assistina One improves all the technological advances of the popular predecessor model and takes these to a whole new level. The easy-to-use new care solution, which is the fastest in its class, provides even more power and user-friendliness.

Successful W&H Innovation Day in Vietnam

With a global network spanning 130 countries around the world, continuous training and specialist exchange play a crucial role in the development and professional application of W&H medical devices. Regular courses and conventions familiarize partners and clients with technical innovations and new products. To this end, a W&H Innovation Day was recently held in Ho Chi Minh City with high-profile speakers commenting on the subject of infection control and introducing the latest topics to the audience.

Synea Fusion in the Spotlight

Efficient, successful, popular – the Synea Fusion contra-angle handpieces are the best-selling contra-angle handpieces in the world from W&H and, in their class, combine outstanding quality and a long service life with low acquisition costs. The recently launched ‘Spot on’ campaign is now literally shining the spotlight on the popular medical devices.

E-sports sponsored by W&H

The ongoing e-sports hype does not stop at industrial enterprises, as the medical device manufacturer W&H Dentalwerk proves. The Bürmoos-based company decided to cooperate with the e-sports organisation Morekats. Together, they want to promote the professional gaming scene in Austria and make it more visible.

Assistina 301: For 30 years the number 1

W&H is permanently on the forefront with regard to quality, innovation, and usability of its products. Proper and professional care plays an extremely important role in the longevity and value retention of precision transmission instruments. For 30 years now, W&H’s maintenance system Assistina 301 has been providing excellent service in the upkeep of dental handpieces.

Best-of tips for your “green” journey

Over the past few months, we have gathered many ideas and tips for dentists to get actively involved in the global sustainability movement. The collective goal: save our planet for ourselves and many generations to come. As a manufacturer of dental products, we are with you and will continue our efforts as well. Here is a list summarising what you can do within your dental clinic to become part of the change.

W&H sets new standards in periodontology with NIWOP

At EuroPerio9, W&H unveiled the “No Implantology without Periodontology” (NIWOP) treatment workflow. With this workflow, W&H highlights the importance of a healthy periodontal condition prior to implantation. In this interview, Bernhard Eder, W&H Product Manager of Prophylaxis and Periodontology, discusses why W&H is setting standards in periodontology and which advantages users may expect.

Let’s educate each other and share our green accomplishments

How do we stay motivated to become more sustainable? After all, it involves changing many habits and putting in additional effort as we move towards our goal. The new changes and practices we implement need to be sustainable in themselves, so we can continue them from here on out. This is how we can all do it together.

Best practice tips from role models in sustainable dentistry

Reading about general ideas and tips for more sustainable habits is all well and good, but are you wondering if they are even applicable to your everyday work at your dental practice? Get inspired by fellow dentist teams to become active in your sustainability journey now. While zero-waste dentistry might not be achievable due to sanitary requirements, less-waste dentistry for sure is. After all, every step counts!

Scratch-resistant coating enhances dental handpieces

Sophisticated technology is at the core of W&H’s research and plays a decisive role in improving the quality of patient treatment. One of the most impactful developments in W&H’s portfolio is the ScratchBlocker coating. It was specifically devised with durability, aesthetics, and sustainability in mind and takes dental handpieces to a new level.

Because efficiency matters

Well-organised management of materials and energy-efficient devices not only saves costs, but also creates smoother workflows. When you are more aware of the resources you have, the environment benefits first and foremost.

Conscious shopping: Why investing in high-quality products is the sustainable thing to do

It might seem obvious in theory, but often people still hesitate when it comes down to investing in high-end products. Whether at home or in the workplace – the price is always the top deciding factor when shopping. While it is important to consider your budget, cheaper products may not be as cost-effective in the long run, since they often need to be replaced sooner due to their inferior quality.

Croatian dental practice wins #100,000 raffle

W&H reached a milestone in its sterilizer production last October, when #100,000 left the factory in Brusaporto, Italy. For this special occasion, a sterilizer of your choice was raffled off via the W&H Instagram channel. Just recently, the prize was handed over to the lucky winner directly at the production facility of W&H Sterilization.

W&H provides inspiration for sustainability in dental practices

Medical technology company W&H is calling on dental practices to get involved as part of its international campaign #dentalsunited.

Water Treatment Devices from W&H

W&H water treatment units - Multidem, Osmo and Water Distiller - supply pure water for the sterilisation process. With this method, our devices ensure consistent performance and extend the life of your instruments and sterilizers.

How to reduce waste in your dental practice

Less is more, but in this case: less waste is more sustainable. If we become aware of what we throw away and do so more mindfully, we will do our planet a big favour. Find out how you can get started and maintain the initiative.

Your green dental office

During the summer of 2021, the Dental Punk podcast and Quintessence Publishing were on the lookout for dental clinics in Germany and Austria that were positive examples of becoming more “green”. In November, winning practices were awarded the ”DIE GRÜNE PRAXIS” (the green practice) quality label. They have all implemented innovative and inspiring measures for operating more sustainably.

High-tech and sustainable

Energy consumption plays a key role in terms of sustainability. At W&H, we are committed to working towards efficient and eco-friendly solutions in all areas possible. Our production plant in Bürmoos, Austria, is a pivotal point of where many “green” measures can be taken.

W&H eco-management

As a company, we have a particular socio-political responsibility towards the respectful use of natural resources from our environment and the prevention of environmental pollution. This applies to our role in the industry as marketers and distributors of medical products.

The full range of oral surgery applications

For the first time, W&H can cover the entire workflow for minimally invasive oral surgery. With a new add-on for Implantmed Plus, the Piezomed module, the company is breaking new ground: implantology and piezo surgery are now combined in a single device. This will simplify clinical work and open up new prospects for treatment.

#dentalsunited goes green

As a society, we know that climate change and environmental pollution are pressing issues. Climate experts urge us all to take a better look at our habits – both private and professional.

#100000 sterilizers – What a milestone!

They ensure the highest levels of hygiene and safety and fit in perfectly in every workflow. In short, they are the key to success: W&H’s sterilizers. W&H Sterilization in Brusaporto, Italy, has now produced its 100,000th sterilizer – time to celebrate with all W&H fans around the world!

The breakthrough in oral surgery

The new Piezomed module from W&H is THE game changer in piezo surgery. The module can now be used in conjunction with Implantmed Plus as a simple add-on solution. With this innovation, W&H is breaking new ground in surgical application. This ingenious modular system combines expertise from different areas to meet requirements for a maximum workflow.

W&H Experience Center

The customer experience is becoming the most important factor in ongoing digitization. Only those who interact digitally and play on emotions will be able to thrive in today’s market. W&H has achieved just that with the ‘W&H Experience Center’: The virtual platform enables a new form of customer-focused communication which provides the opportunity to interact and network, even in these times of social distancing. W&H customers can take part in a product and brand experience from wherever they are, live and with a real feel.

One cordless W&H handpiece – several cup systems

W&H is redefining freedom in rotary polishing: With the new Proxeo Twist Cordless Polishing System, you now have even more freedom of choice and freedom of movement. Regardless of which cup system you prefer – LatchShort, Screw-in or Disposable Prophy Angles – you have the choice! The new system’s wireless design offers improved ergonomics and greater mobility for your IPC workflow.

W&H launches a virtual brand world

Any time, anywhere – experience W&H virtually and up close! With its launching of the new Experience Center, W&H is breaking new ground in product communication: the virtual brand world is the epitome of innovation, awakens emotions, enthrals and thrills. Products and events that can be experienced live provide B2B and B2C customers with fascinating insights and offer a completely fresh user experience.

W&H powered by over 1,800 photovoltaic modules

W&H Dentalwerk is committed to working toward a sustainable future at its Bürmoos site. The latest environmental technology and renewable energy sources are key elements in the upgrades being made at the site. Rooftop photovoltaics systems installed on the newly constructed halls are a big step towards a positive energy balance.

Lyla: Your customised solution – now and in the future

Face all challenges ahead – with the new Lyla S type sterilizer from W&H. Smart upgrades respond to your business needs and make the W&H innovation the perfect partner for your hygiene workflow. With an easy upgrade from S to B type sterilizer, W&H covers high requirements with only one unit. This forward-thinking technology makes Lyla the future-proof, best performing solution for safe reprocessing and infection prevention.

W&H ProService

Uncompromising quality from professionals – not only when purchasing new medical devices, but also when it comes to service. W&H ProService is the standard for maximum service quality in medical technology and offers, with a worldwide network of professional service partners, the best for you and your patients.

Implantology meets Implantmed

Dental implantology is evolving at a rapid pace. Treatments are increasingly becoming safer and gentler and the implantology workflow more efficient and verifiable. And Implantmed is part of this progress. Andreas Brandstätter, Strategic Product Manager for Oral Surgery and Implantology, knows exactly how the W&H innovation has changed implantology during the past 20 years. We spoke to him about W&H’s USPs and the secret to its success.

Implantmed – the game changer
in implantology

From innovation to a strong brand: Implantmed. These days, W&H’s high-end device is synonymous with dental implantology. Clear design combined with technical finesse make Implantmed an absolute game changer – and that’s been the case for 20 years.

W&H AIMS – safe infection prevention

W&H AIMS (Advanced Infection prevention Management Solutions) is the workflow for every dental practice. W&H AIMS provides step-by-step support for professional hygiene management to effectively break the chain of infection.

Unique W&H solution
for the Zygoma application

For upper jaw interventions, one possible alternative is the use of Zygoma implants. The new 20:1 Zygoma handpiece for implant site preparation and implant insertion was developed by W&H in cooperation with leading Zygoma specialists. The contra-angle handpiece chucking system makes this product the only one of its kind and offers users a high level of safety.


So, we’ve arrived at the new normal – now it’s our turn to keep moving! We want to share our knowledge with professionals around the world and play an active role in overcoming the challenges ahead. With our #dentalsunited campaign, we are uniting to embrace the future of our profession with innovative ideas.

W&H Sterilization: The "Italian Welfare Champion 2020" – best backdrop for customer support

Together with its 100 employees, W&H Sterilization S.r.l., based in Brusaporto (Bergamo) faces a real challenge in times of Covid-19 by providing best customer support for safe reprocessing and infection prevention. For its commitment to corporate welfare, W&H Sterilization was named “Italian Welfare Champion 2020”.

The two sides of the new W&H Lina sterilizer

Usability outside – technology inside. Together, the powerful package for reprocessing dental instruments by using a B type sterilizer: this is how the new generation of Lina sterilizers showcases.

Free webinar range – ‘knowledge upload’ starting this autumn!

W&H brings a breath of fresh air with a free range of webinars to the virtual floor! Use this autumn for your individual training and learn from international experts. Boost your clinical efficiency, easily and conveniently – with W&H Distance Learning, completely free of charge and despite all travel restrictions.

W&H commemorates pioneer

On July 31, 2020, Dr Karl-Ludwig Ackermann, Filderstadt (Germany), suddenly passed away completely unexpectedly. The dental industry is losing a longtime friend, companion, pioneer and mentor.


It is times of crisis that show how important it is to stick together. For this reason we want to share our know-how and send “professionals” back to a normal business life all over the world. We want to face the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic together, provide the best support possible and break new ground. For this purpose we have launched the campaign #dentalsunited.

Quick Connect by W&H: the innovative adaptor solution for the Assistina Twin

The W&H reprocessing device Assistina Twin has been improved with the new adaptor solution "Quick Connect by W&H". This makes it even easier and faster to change the adaptor and offers optimised workflows and efficiency for the practice.

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