Alegra DIY Service

Maintenance Alegra

Maintenance Alegra

In addition to the "W&H service partner", you also have the opportunity to maintain your Alegra turbines and contra-angle handpieces yourself and to carry out minor repairs quickly and professionally on site. Regular on-site maintenance extends the service life of your turbines and contra-angle handpieces and reduces downtimes.

How do I do a DIY service on my Alegra instrument?

Take a look at our Alegra spare parts overview and follow our video tutorials on our "Video Channel".

How do I know which spare part needs to be replaced?

Rotor: If you observe excessive noise and vibration at the head of the turbine, the bearings are most likely damaged; if you detect that the bur does not fully engage and slip out, the chucking system is most likely worn out.

Coupling seal: If you notice air or water leakages between the turbine and coupling, please check the rubber seals and replace them if necessary.

Water filter/nozzle cleaner: If you notice a very poor spray quality due to hard water, the filter of the resuction system should be replaced; when replacing the filter, please clean the spray nozzles with the compatible nozzle cleaner.

Push button: If you need excessive force to operate the chucking mechanism, the push button may also be replaced; if the push button gets stuck in-position, it can be assumed that the outer ring is deformed and the head heats up due to the continuous friction.

Generator/O-rings: If you observe excessive noise and vibration or intermittent resp. poor light quality, the generator may not work properly; if you notice air or water leakages between turbine and coupling, please replace the O-rings on the coupling.

Contra-angle head: If you observe excessive noise and vibration on the head of the instrument as well as heating and/or an additional weakness of the chucking system (bur comes out), and/or stuck push button, replace the head and neck piece completely – please use the tool kit required for replacement.

Tools: For your own safety and the safety of your patients, please always order the compatible tools to carry out the repair in good quality.

Original Spare parts: The medical device loses its CE conformity if repairs are carried out with a non-original spare part. The use of non-original spare parts does not meet the high W&H quality standards. Safe use and a long product life can no longer be guaranteed.