Really W&H?

Really W&H?

Don't be fooled by fakes

The dental industry is also increasingly struggling with counterfeit products. In particular, counterfeit dental turbine handpieces as well as straight and contra-angle handpieces are sold via various online platforms. It is often difficult to distinguish between original and fake products at first glance. The deviations in the external appearance are therefore minimal.

An urgent warning must be issued against the use of counterfeit medical products. The so-called fakes lack essential product details, quality features and legally required test marks and approvals. Treatments therefore represent a health and legal risk for both the patient and practitioner. In addition, the cheap purchases are also an economic risk in the long term. The service life and functionality of fake products are significantly limited compared to the original, repairs and additional services are usually not possible.

Before you buy

W&H products are manufactured from the highest quality materials, are subjected to strict quality assurance tests and meet all the criteria of a certified medical product. How you can recognise a counterfeit product and what you should pay attention when buying:

    Too good to be true! The price deviates by more than 30% from the average selling price.

    Logos are displayed incorrectly or in poor quality. The packaging has spelling mistakes, is damaged, or seems to be incomplete in some way.

    Illustrations, product descriptions or instructions for use do not match the offer.

    W&H and authorised W&H partners do not sell products via platforms such as eBay, Amazon Wish or Alibaba.

  • Where to buy

    The easiest way to ensure that your W&H product is genuine is to purchase it through one of our authorised retailers. Our where to buy map gives you an overview.

    In addition, you can benefit from special services and promotions with our product registration. All W&H products can easily be registered online. The advantages: comprehensive product support, exclusive content and notifications on product-related security topics.

    Together against fakes

  • You think you've seen a product that's not a W&H one?
  • You would like to buy a used W&H product online and need our advice on its origin?
  • Or you are just not sure whether your product is original?
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