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NIWOP sets the trend at the ISDH in Brisbane

From 15 to 17 August the 21st International Symposium on Dental Hygiene 2019 (ISDH) took place in Brisbane, Australia. The latest trends and scientific discoveries in dental hygiene were presented through the prism of this year’s theme: “LEAD – Leadership, Empowerment, Advances & Diversity”. With a particular focus on the NIWOP concept, W&H gave interested trade visitors insights into their evidence-based workflow for pre-treatment, implantation and aftercare.

W&H employee achieves top ranking at Apprentice World Championship

Alexander Absmann, our W&H participant, was highly focused, accurate and fast. He was able to not only withstand the pressure and his own high expectations but also at all times avoided becoming hectic. This combination allowed him to achieve a top ranking at the apprentice world championship in Kazan (Russia).

Clinical and Application Booklet – Piezomed

This booklet starts by examining the technical and clinical principles of piezoelectric surgery. Dentists and surgeons then report in detail on their experiences, offering handy tips and suggestions for routine clinical practice. Treatment scenarios offer newcomers to the field an overview of the most important indications.

NIWOP successfully presented at the IAP in Bangkok

Experts from different nations gathered at IAP 2019 in Bangkok. With insights into the systematic and evidence-based workflow NIWOP – “No Implantology without Periodontology”, W&H set a themed focus on prevention of peri-implantitis.

patient2fan winners discover Salzburg

Post a selfie and win! This call to action and an exclusive competition were used to launch the W&H image campaign ‘From a patient to a fan’ at the end of 2018. Two trips to Salzburg were given away as the top prize, each for an entire practice team. Now the winners have visited this unique World Heritage Site.

W&H among the top three Austrian exporters!

It’s bronze for W&H! An expert jury has honoured W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH with the Austrian Export Award 2019. As part of Exporters' Nite 2019, held on 24 June in Vienna, the family-run company was selected as one of the winners in the 'Industry’ category. The accolade, given out by the Austrian Economic Chambers (WKO), is awarded to the country’s top exporters each year.

User report - Proxeo Twist Cordless: Making prophylaxis fun

Professional mechanical plaque removal (PMPR) represents one of the most important prophylactic measures in the prevention of gingivitis and subsequent periodontitis/periimplantitis. Monika Riedl explains which advantages the new cable-free Proxeo Twist Cordless with its corresponding cups has for patients and users in the prophylaxis daily routine.

New corporate design for W&H

W&H has a fresh new look: the renowned medical technology company has a new, even more modern corporate design to go with its new strategic orientation.

Internal sinus lift – patient-friendly with piezo surgery

Transalveolar sinus floor augmentations produce fewer postoperative complaints compared with the lateral access. This case report describes the advantages of the piezosurgical procedure and a newly introduced instrument set for preparing the implant bed and lifting of the Schneiderian membrane.

New Lara sterilizer – Incredible inside. Incredible outside.

Be prepared for today and for tomorrow – with the new Lara sterilizer from W&H, users not only have state-of-the-art today, but additional high-tech for the future. Equipped with fast cycle times and a safe documentation system, Lara simplifies and speeds up the sterilization process.

The new generation of Lisa:

Inside the W&H sterilizer offers a wealth of innovative technologies that go beyond the everyday user experience. Equipped with artificial intelligence Lisa turns high end type B sterilizing into an efficient and safe work process. Outside Lisa convinces with its perfect ergonomic design.

W&H presents new technologies for the world of dentistry

At the International Dental Show (IDS), technology leader W&H is fascinating the dental community with its forward-thinking connected ioDent® solutions, a new generation of innovative products and brand-new concepts for workflows to assist with treatments. And all of this is complemented by a sparkling new brand identity with which the high-tech developer from Salzburg is once again underlining its innovative power in the dental sector.

The cordless Proxeo Twist Polishing System from W&H

W&H has expanded its portfolio by a cordless polishing system for more comfort and greater freedom of movement during prophylaxis or periodontitis treatment. The Proxeo Twist Polishing System allows dentists and hygienists to use the cordless polishing handpiece entirely without constraints and control it using the wireless foot control.

Say goodbye to discolourations and peri-implantitis with Proxeo Aura

W&H is completing the range for prophylaxis and periodontology treatment with the new Proxeo Aura air polishing solution. The system is suitable for all supra- and subgingival indications, including the treatment of peri-implantitis, and allows efficient, thorough and controlled working with just one device.

Proxeo piezo scalers: Ultrasonic also compatible with pacemakers

The three new W&H Proxeo Ultra piezo scalers gently remove supra- and subgingival deposits. The quick tip exchange is truly one of a kind. With the Proxeo ultrasonic technology, even patients with pacemakers can be treated safely.

Your Built-in Solutions Provider

The Built-in Solutions from W&H are high-quality, customised and offer everything from a single source. These easy to integrate solutions for dental units show the way not only in dental drive technology. With its unique development expertise, W&H is also your partner for regulatory compliance. Unit manufacturers can therefore draw on a complete and exclusive range of products and services.

Your technological advantage in high-speed application

W&H has created a unique portfolio in the field of Built-in Solutions with its Primea Advanced Air technology. The easily integrated high-speed drive solution opens up new possibilities in dental preparation and ensures a technological advantage in dental units. Unit manufacturers benefit from a unique technology, which was awarded the National State Prize for Innovation in 2018.

Smart ioDent® system saves time

W&H is constantly expanding its portfolio of networked products for dental practice. From summer of 2019, the ‘Implantmed Plus’ – a surgical device with the unique ‘ioDent®’ system – will be available to implantologists. This smart solution from W&H provides even more safety in dental practice, and enables resources to be used proactively and efficiently.

No Implantology without Periodontology – #NIWOP

Some things do belong together: just as Yin needs Yang, implantology needs periodontology. With “No Implantology without Periodontology”, NIWOP for short, W&H presents a systematic and evidence-based workflow for a sound and healthy tissue situation around the implant.

Over 1000 scientific studies related to Osstell

Osstell, the company that developed the original ISQ technology, today announces that by March 2019, there are now over 1000 scientific studies and publications evidencing Osstell’s unique ISQ technology using the original SmartPegs.

W&H Australasia expands its sales range

From March 2019, W&H Australasia Pty Limited, a subsidiary of the international W&H Group, starts the distribution of the W&H Oral Surgery and Implantology (OSI) product range in Australia. Customers benefit from innovative technologies "Made in Austria" as well as high-quality W&H support and service.

Primea Advanced Air: High speed under perfect control

The Primea Advanced Air dental turbine handpiece is the perfect symbiosis of high speed and precision. The W&H innovation combines an air drive with an electronic control system and opens up completely new options in dental treatment by allowing the user to control the bur speed and removal of tooth structure precisely for the very first time.

W&H sets new standards in periodontology with NIWOP

At EuroPerio9, W&H unveiled the “No Implantology without Periodontology” (NIWOP) treatment workflow. With this workflow, W&H highlights the importance of a healthy periodontal condition prior to implantation. In this interview, Bernhard Eder, W&H Product Manager of Prophylaxis and Periodontology, discusses why W&H is setting standards in periodontology and which advantages users may expect.

Implants should only be inserted when periodontal conditions are stable

Biofilm is the most significant cause of inflammatory bone loss around teeth and implants. Diagnostics, biofilm management and, where necessary, treatment help in patients with this problem. The W&H No Implantology without Periodontology workflow should provide stable tissue prior to implantation through prevention, and implant success in the long term through aftercare – something that is advantageous to both the patient and the treatment team.

Connection between periodontal and peri-implant health emphasized

EuroPerio9 was held in Amsterdam from 20 to 23 June and was the largest congress to date with more than 10,000 attending. There was great interest in the causes and successful management of periodontitis and peri- implantitis. Two new classifications provided answers to the aetiology. Scientifically based and practice-oriented presentations demonstrated how to prevent and, if necessary, treat these inflammatory diseases.

Optimal periodontal conditions for successful implantation

How can peri-implant infections be avoided and treated as needed? In addition to the newly presented classifications, this issue was a key topic at EuroPerio held in Amsterdam in June. In a symposium organized by the Austrian dental company W&H, Dr Karl-Ludwig Ackermann (Filderstadt, Germany) presented his clinical concept based on the NIWOP workflow (“No Implantology without Periodontology”).

Preparation of implant beds - with feeling

The preparation of implant beds has to be efficient - and, at the same time, requires a great deal of feeling. The 9 new Implant/Crestal instruments for the Piezomed from W&H are specially indicated for fine maxilla bone and the internal sinus lift. Compared with standard rotary instruments, they offer improved tactile feedback, are less invasive and encourage osseointegration.

Piezo surgery – a broad spectrum of applications in oral surgery

In the age of minimally invasive treatment, dental surgeons and oral and maxillofacial surgeons are increasingly employing piezoelectric devices for the preparation of bone tissue. They allow particularly atraumatic preparation of hard tissue on the basis of ultrasonic surgery technology and the cavitation effect allows an almost blood-free operating field.

User Report Dr. Grant Dean - Primea Advanced Air

Nowadays, the challenges during preparations for prosthetics restauration are diverse. Combining precise top quality preparations and high safety with efficient operations is among the desired goals. Excellent Ergonomics, good light conditions in the oral cavity, as well as simple and intuitive handling are requirements for dental devices and instruments.

Innovation requires the correct mixture

What makes a strong project team is a variety of skills, perspectives and talents. This is Harald Sighart’s point of view, as Director of Research and Development at W&H. In an interview, he explains what makes his project teams so special.

First impressions matter – including in the dental practice

All first moments have a certain sense of magic about them – after all, they are truly unique and can never be recreated. This is true for all areas of our daily lives and thus, of course, also for our visits to the dentist. Once the patient has chosen your dental practice, you then face the challenge of making a positive first impression. And maintaining it.

Call to action – patient communication as a marketing tool

More often than not, the phrase ‘patient communication’ is used to refer to measures such as a practice flyer, patient information sheets or even clarification sheets. Is this also how you understood it? Then you should keep reading, because there is so much more to patient communication than that. The key words here are dialogue, activity and personal connection.

Challenges for conventional dental practice

Who am I? Where do I want my practice to be in the short, medium and long term? Who is my patient target group in age distribution and monetary terms? How do I want to be perceived? What services do I want to offer? This list of questions could go on and on as the objective analysis of the current and target situation is a constantly recurring process.

New LatchShort polishing system from W&H

In modern dental treatment, the professional, mechanical removal of plaque and biofilm is an integral part of the prophylaxis workflow. In the new Proxeo TWIST LatchShort polishing system, W&H is now presenting a system with a working height 4 mm shorter than standard latch systems.

W&H and Osstell at the EAO congress

From 11 to 13 October 2018, implantology experts from all over the world will gather at the 26th Annual Scientific Congress of the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO) at the Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Centre in Vienna. The focus of the event will be on diagnostics, surgical treatment procedures and clinical aftercare. For W&H and Osstell, the focus of the EAO congress will be on technologies for optimised treatment planning.

A 20-year union with AZFK

How does innovation happen? Alongside recognised factors such as individual ideas, experiences and trials, cooperation are an integral part of the innovation process at W&H. That is why we maintain contact with dentists, technicians plus training and development organisations all over the world. In 2018, our partnership with the ‚Akademie für zahnärztliche Fortbildung Karlsruhe‘ (AZFK) - Academy for Advanced Dental Training celebrates its 20th anniversary.

W&H welcomes Thai economic delegation

As part of a delegation trip, a group of Thai economic delegates visited the W&H headquarters in Bürmoos on 20 July 2018. Amongst others, the Thai honorary Consul Maximilian Coreth, his wife Dr Vera Coreth in her capacity as honorary vice consul and the Thai Ambassador Songsak Saicheua where members of the group.

Products donated to world’s highest situated dental clinic

The world’s highest situated dental clinic is based in the Nepalese mountain village of Namche Bazaar at an altitude of 3,440 m. Most of the local population can barely afford essential dental treatments. Either that or they are performed with very simple tools and methods. W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH has once again supplied aid with donations of dental products.

Recommending and returning – the happy patient

Customer Relation Management (CRM) refers to a quality management system used in business, trade and industry for maintaining customer relationships. It is a strategic approach that can also be adapted for use in the dental practice. After all, if patients are happy, they will come back.

Putting the personality into the practice

People often associate the term ‘patient service’ with the very basics like drinks, reading materials and waiting room entertainment. Yet other factors such as personal needs are even more crucial to the success and longevity of the patient relationship – a glimpse through the eyes of the patient.

Alegra turbines: The decisive plus in performance

With the power update to its Alegra turbine range, W&H now offers users noticeably more performance and power. The mini-head version enables a fast and easy working approach in particularly small oral cavities. Users benefit from the higher efficiency of the drive system regarding the Alegra turbines TE-95 and TE-98 standard heads for even better removal of tooth structure. The W&H Alegra turbines are now the most powerful products on the market in the category of turbines with LED light and independent generator power supply.

Interview: Osstell Beacon Benefits and Insights

Over the past few years, there has been a shift in the dental implant market. Clinicians are facing more complex decisions as there is an increase in patients with risk factors and as demands for shorter treatment times are rising. Osstell, the company that developed the ISQ technology, now takes the next leap in the evolution of implant diagnostics with the introduction of the Osstell Beacon. We set down with Mr. Jonas Ehinger, CEO Osstell, Mr. Stefan Horn, VP Product Solutions Osstell and Dr. Marcus Dagnelid, CEO Dagnelidklinken to hear their thoughts on the Osstell approach and the new product Osstell Beacon.

New Osstell Beacon monitors implant stability

Osstell, the developer of the ISQ diagnostic technology (Implant Stability Quotient), now presents the next leap in the evolution of implant diagnostic instrumentation: The Osstell BeaconTM, an innovative and highly intuitive tool designed to guide implant treatments for more predictable results. It tells you when an implant is ready for loading in a matter of seconds, by using proprietary and evidenced-based RFA technology, backed by more than 900 scientific studies.

W&H at the EuroPerio9

EuroPerio is the world’s largest scientific congress focusing on the specialist fields of periodontology and implantology. The latest of these triennial meetings, EuroPerio9, took place in Amsterdam from 20 to 23 June 2018 and brought together more than 10,000 experts. With “No Implantology without Periodontology” short “NIWOP”, W&H presented a systematic and evidence-based workflow for a sound and healthy tissue situation around the implant. The NIWOP workflow, introduced as part of the congress, was not only topic at the W&H booth, but as well at the lecture of Dr. Karl-Ludwig Ackermann.

Colleagues with passion

At W&H, we know for sure that anyone who is passionate about what they do will do it well. All applicants need to find the perfect task for them. In this interview, Markus Fegg and Christof Baier from Human Resources tell us what they look out for in particular during interviews and provide us with insight into changing career development.

W&H launches own Instagram account

Instagram is all about capturing and sharing authentic, relevant and cutting-edge content. Today, the video and photo platform has more than 800 million users worldwide, including many dentists and dental assistants, which accounts for the surprising levels of interest in images from the dental industry. At W&H, we have therefore decided that now is the time open up this communication channel with our professional dental customers, by launching our very own innovative and modern Instagram account as of March 2018.

Basic requirements for patient management

Patient management is still a source of difficulty for many practices. After all, this term is often associated exclusively with processes that are part of daily routine anyway: namely appointment scheduling and patient administration. But actually, there is more to it than that. It is worth taking a look at hospitals, where proper patient management forms the basis of standardized and smooth processes.

Tip: Here’s how you can turn your waiting room into a comfortable zone

It’s the central hub and linchpin of every practice visit, a link between reception and the treatment room: the waiting room. With good service, you ensure that the room invokes positive associations for your patient and allows them to arrive comfortably and relax.

Come on in, dear new patient

Feeling welcome, gaining confidence and making nothing but positive associations – all this should be a matter of course for new patients. Always bear in mind: perfect new patient management begins BEFORE the actual visit to the practice.

Tips for enhancing patient loyalty – “From a patient to a friend”

Prophylaxis is clearly a part of the dental practice with great potential in terms of service. It supports patients in prevention, helps in case of disease and generally contributes to improved health and well-being. Good service means good all-round patient care – from information to education, the actual treatment and beyond.

The practice team as a marketing factor

The most recent study of “Stiftung Gesundheit” (Public Health Foundation) was published at the beginning of this year titled “Ärzte im Zukunftsmarkt Gesundheit” [Doctors in the future health market]. One of the questions asked of the participating doctors was what they considered the most important practice marketing factors. At the top, ranking even above a website or external presentation, they mentioned the practice team. This result emphasizes the importance of the team in the areas of marketing, service and patient satisfaction. However, how can the practice team be supported to become a positive marketing factor?

Piezoelectric implant site preparation

In edentulous patients implant-retained fixed prostheses improve mastication and quality of life. Due to resorption and extensive pneumatization of the sinuses a patient had only a minimal posterior maxillary bone height. The implant sites were prepared with a piezoelectric device and a new set of dedicated instruments.

W&H Dentalwerk wins National Innovation Award

National State Prize for Innovation – Austria's highest national accolade for outstanding performance. W&H was awarded the National State Prize for Innovation by Dr Margarete Schramböck of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs in the category of innovation on 22 March 2018 in the “Aula der Wissenschaften” in Vienna. With the new Primea Advanced Air dental turbine generation, consistent rotation speeds, peak performance approximately 50% higher, shadow-free illumination of the treatment site and less noise when the turbine is running – are now achievable for the first time. Both dentist and patient benefit from this.

New W&H image campaign

You could describe them as everyday heroes: the dentists and dental professionals who, through their dedication, professional skill or simply a friendly smile, manage to transform a dental appointment into a positive event. They do this simply because they care and want to make sure their patients feel comfortable. It is precisely this aspect that will be the focus of W&H’s new image campaign ‘From a patient to a fan’, which will shine a spotlight not on the company itself, but on dentists and their teams. We interviewed Anita Thallinger, W&H Marketing Director, about the background, objectives and challenges of this new advertising campaign.

W&H acquires Swedish specialist Osstell

W&H President and CEO Peter Malata announced the acquisition of the Swedish medical technology company Osstell AB on 1st March 2018. This purchase continues the international growth of the Austrian family-owned company W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH.

W&H supports everyday heroes

W&H’s new image campaign “From a patient to a fan” will be turning a spotlight on dentists and dental professionals. These everyday heroes ensure their patients are in safe and reliable hands whatever the treatment situation.

W&H’s Spürnasenecke gives children experience with electronics and IT

Bright LEDs, a rotating propeller, an autonomous controlled robot – there is a lot to discover at the “Spürnasenecke” research lab. With new experiments from the world of electronics and IT, this popular facility gives nursery school children their first peek into the fascinating world of technology.

Correct measurement of implant stability

The correct measurement of implant stability and osseointegration has always been a fundamental criterion for the success of the treatment. The explicit patient demand for streamlined treatment processes combined with an increasing number of patients with risk factors result in progressive and ambitious protocols in which conventional processes such as the torque or percussion test are being strained to their limits.

Advanced Periodontology Training with Dr. Jan Streblov and Tigon+

A specialized workshop on non-surgical periodontal therapy focused on cleaning was held at the 3DK dental clinic in Prague on 12th of October 2017. The team consisting of Dr. Jan Streblov and two dental hygienists provided valuable theoretical and practical training with curettes and ultrasonic scalers (Tigon+).

W&H supports the Mercy Ships organization

Mercy Ships provide transformational health care, relief aid, community development and sustainable change in countries along the coast of West Africa. W&H has donated products to actively support Mercy Ships' health program and to enable people in need to access considerate dental treatment.

Exclusive insights into W&H’s product and VR world

From 23rd to 28th October 2017, W&H partner Dental Cremer invited dentists from all across Brazil to the “Dental Cremer Experience” conference at the Riocentro Exhibition & Convention Center. Spanning an area of 20,000 m², the expert platform offered besides comprehensive information on current product innovations selected workshops providing insights into practical applications. A virtual reality experience allowed to visit the company’s headquarters in Bürmoos, Austria, and get an impression of state of the art corporate structure for themselves.

Minimally invasive techniques in endodontics

Demanding clinical endo cases and a comprehensive product presentation of the Tigon+ were the centre of attention of the clinical congress at Zagreb from 27th to 28th of October 2017. The event was organized by the Institute for Endodontic and Restorative Dentistry of Dental University Zagreb in cooperation with the Croatian Society for Minimal Intervention Dental Medicine (HDMID).

Endodontics meets piezo surgery in hands-on course

Technological advances which revolutionized the way surgical endodontic treatment is performed were demonstrated during the practical course on the 7th October 2017 organized by W&H Bulgaria in cooperation with the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Plovdiv at the Hotel Forum in Sofia (Bulgaria).

Marco Kern: best European in WorldSkills Competition (Abu Dhabi)

In an exciting test of strength between the world’s best skilled workers at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) from 15 to 18 October 2017, 21-year-old Marco Kern from W&H put in an impressive performance with his exceptional skills in the field of CNC turning. He demonstrated his technical talent with an excellent 7th place and the “Medallion for Excellence” performance certificate in “CNC turning” category and the gold medal for 1st place in the team competition. Marco Kern is proud to be part of the very successful Austrian national team.

Sharing experiences with Austrian economic delegates

Economic prospects and future growth potentials in Europe were the focus of a series of discussions with Austrian business delegates held at W&H headquarters on 11th October 2017. In their discussions, the team of 15 delegates led by Dr Christian Möller, Head of the Trade Policy and Foreign Trade section of WKS, tackled important topics such as trade restrictions and opportunities for export.

EAO Congress in Madrid

At the EAO congress in Madrid, W&H presented an innovation in the field of implantology with a new generation of Implantmed. The Annual Scientific Congress of the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO) provided up-to-date scientific knowledge and technological trends in implantology from 5th to 8th October 2017. The Feria de Madrid exhibition site (IFEMA) provided the venue for the 26th annual conference.

Professional insights for dental students and dentists

Give patients the best treatment and service is the main motive in modern dentistry. To familiarize dental students and dentists from Croatia with the functionalities of the Implantmed, a 2 day event with the motto “Implantology Specialization” was organized by Territory Manager Damjan Gorenc in collaboration with W&H partner Inoval d.o.o. at the Dental University Zagreb.

Delayed implantation and augmentation – measurement of implant stability

A first mandibular molar in a young patient had to be extracted due to extensive damage by caries with endodontic complications. The implantation had to be combined with surrounding augmentation. If the bone volume is reduced, good primary stability is more difficult to assess, which means that measurement of the ISQ may be particularly important. Report by Dr. J. Neugebauer (Germany).

Successful premiere of W&H Surgical Sessions in Panama City

With a series of events from 21st until 24th of August 2017, W&H provided excellent practical knowledge for surgical and dental treatment to experts from Panama and the whole of Latin America. The aim of the lectures and workshops was to provide in-depth insights of the latest W&H technology to dental experts, surgeons and W&H partners.

Professional Competitions: chance for W&H trainees

The WorldSkills Competition gives talented young people the chance to showcase their professional skills to a global audience. What’s more, this international competition has many additional benefits. In the following interview, we discuss the importance of professional competitions as part of W&H’s professional training programme and how the requirements of the WorldSkills Competition are changing.

Cleaning of contaminated implant surfaces and autologous defect augmentation by PD Dr. Jörg Neugebauer

Aim of Treatment: Many periimplant defects need to be carefully cleaned surgically so as to stop infections and the associated further bone loss. This can be achieved reliably with the slender piezosurgical instruments, which penetrate even deep, crevice-shaped defects thanks to their design. Following decontamination of the defect, it is possible to harvest autologous bone material for the subsequent augmentation atraumatically and efficiently using the piezosurgical instruments too.

The guide to monitoring implant stability

When to load an implant? This e-book will help you 1. Understand the process behind osseointegration. 2. Understand the factors that influence implant treatment outcomes. 3. Understand implant stability and the clinical benefits of measuring it to improve treatment outcomes. 4. Establish clinical guidelines to help you determine when to load an implant.

Open periodontal debridement by Dr. Kenji Hosoya

Aim of Treatment: In open periodontal debridement critical factors include good access to the root surface and gentle but efficient calculus removal. Following instrumentation the surface should be clean and smooth, which helps to reduce microbial recolonization and enhances the attachment of connective and epithelial tissues. This can be successfully achieved with a selection of dedicated piezoelectric instruments designed to reach even into deep and narrow defects.

Surgical tooth extraction taking an impacted mandibular wisdom tooth as an example by Dr. Jairo Martínez Vargas

Aim of Treatment: The surgical extraction of unerupted and impacted teeth, for example the mandibular wisdom teeth, should entail as little stress for the patients as possible. This requirement can be satisfied very well with piezosurgical instruments, which, on the one hand, allows vibrationfree and thus atraumatic treatment. On the other hand, this, like all surgical procedures, should be completed quickly, as it helps to reduce the development of complications.

Mexican dentists discover the world of W&H

In May and June 2017, two groups of postgraduate dentists from Mexico were offered the opportunity to travel to Salzburg in Austria and visit the headquarters of W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH. Their stay was focused on the maintenance of personal relationships and comprehensive familiarization with W&H’s innovative product range.

Digitalization requires new roles and capacities

The ever-increasing digitalization is not only radically changing work processes and the structures in which we work together but is also re-aligning the requirements for professional qualifications. In the following interview experts from W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH discuss the challenges and opportunities of the digital transformation and how these have already been accepted and exploited in the company.

Lisa Sterilizer – new navigation concept

The new navigation concept for the Lisa Sterilizer offers numerous advantages: The new colour touch screen with four intuitive symbols in the main menu of the Lisa Sterilizer simplifies the selection process during operation. In addition, the sterilization parameters are displayed when the program is started and the test cycles can be displayed almost immediately.

Piezo scalers – safe for use on patients with cardiac pacemakers

W&H is the first manufacturer to confirm that W&H piezo scalers can be used on patients with cardiac pacemakers without any concerns. With an independent expert opinion on piezo scalers, W&H is now giving users the necessary security for prophylaxis treatment of patients with cardiac pacemakers without any concerns.

Creative idea for interactive teeth cleaning

For the students of Salzburg, the Digital Innovation Days held at the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce from 10-12 May 2017, were a chance to delve into the practical side of commerce. By developing an innovative product concept for daily teeth cleaning, the young team of students called “bRight” managed to impress the judges and scoop the first prize of € 1,000.

W&H awarded Salzburg Business Prize

The outstanding development work of medical technology company W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH was the focus at the award of this year’s Salzburg Business Prize (Salzburger Wirtschaftspreis) on 27 April at WIFI Salzburg. W&H impressed the judges in the “Innovation” category with the world introduction of new and unique drive and lighting technology for dental turbines.

Official opening of joint branch office in Bangalore

Since September 1st 2016 the two family-run businesses W&H and Planmeca have joined forces on the Indian dental market. On the 20th of April 2017 the new office was officially opened by W&H President Peter Malata and Planmeca President Heikki Kyöstilä. With the new premises and a highly skilled team on-site the cooperation partners have taken recent steps in India to localise their support centre.

Ready for the future of dentistry

What should a dental company be doing today in order to prepare for the future? How will it want to position itself in the future, and what role will be played by cooperation with other companies? At the IDS, the leading event for the international dental market, the Deutsche Ärzteverlag spoke to Roland Gruber, Head of Marketing and Sales for Germany and Austria, and Dr Michael Reiter, Vice President Product Management, about new partnerships and digital innovations.

Prosthodontic screwdriver at Internationaler Handwerksmesse (IHM)

During the summit on the German economy in Munich, Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the Internationale Handwerksmesse 2017, the leading trade fair for craft trades. W&H's trade partner RIEBL-Siebdruck used the W&H prosthodontic screwdriver to demonstrate the company’s high-quality work in the area of screen, digital and hybrid printing.

The new W&H video channel

Available 24/7 and always open for business – the W&H video channel is the ultimate source for rapid information tailored precisely to users’ needs. It’s now easier than ever to gain a comprehensive overview of the W&H range, access helpful tips or discover handy information on clinical topics.

“The personal service is a sign of appreciation for our customers”

Interview with Peter Malata, Managing Director and owner of the W&H Group, talks about the positioning of the company, trends in the market and the responsibility of an entrepreneur today

W&H kicks off IDS trade fair week

On 20th March, Cologne’s Flora venue played host to W&H partners from around the globe and media representatives from the German-speaking world for the second time, as they all came together to learn first-hand about W&H’s current and future market activities, industry partnerships and technological innovations plus to strengthen long-standing business relationships. At a get-together for media representatives and an exclusive gala evening for partners, W&H showcased new products and proven classics from their extensive portfolio.

Benefits of Implantmed during implant treatment

Oral surgeon Dr. Karl-Ludwig Ackermann has a practice in Filderstadt (Germany) and teaches implantology and aesthetic dentistry at two universities. He has placed several thousand implants over the last 38 years. Since autumn 2016, Dr Ackermann has been working with the new, enhanced implantology motor - Implantmed by W&H.

Single implantations for a zirconium oxide bridge with Implantmed

A 67-year-old patient presented with splinted crowns in the maxilla requiring replacement. Following the extraction of teeth 21 and 22, the plan is to insert implants as new bridge abutments. The sites will be prepared with the new W&H Implantmed implantology motor and the stability measured with the integrated W&H Osstell ISQ module.

W&H Power turbine - a perfect interplay of functionalities

Read what Dr Chris McConnell looks for in turbine handpieces and why the W&H Power turbine is now one of the preferred instruments in his private dental clinic in Cornwall in the south-west of the UK. In addition to a 100% shadow-free view of the treatment site, thanks to innovative Ring LED+ technology, the W&H turbine is characterized by an optimal removal rate.

Perfect handpiece maintenance in record time

Everything runs smoothly when maintaining handpieces with the new Assistina TWIN in modern dental practices. One particular highlight of the automatic device is the short cycle time of just 10 seconds. During this time the spray channels of the dental instruments are flushed with cleaning solution and dried with compressed air, plus all gear parts are lubricated perfectly with W&H Service Oil F1.

Endo-perio treatment of an abutment tooth

A complex attempt at preserving an endo-periodontically inflamed premolar as a bridge abutment at least for the immediate future. It involves the positioning of two neighbouring implants in combination with an internal sinus lift. This interdisciplinary operation is performed using a piezo surgical device and an implant motor.

Sterilization process considerably optimised

"The sterilization process is optimized and integrates perfectly into the practice workflow. This also contributes to freeing up more time for the dental nurses, who can remain chairside at all times during treatment. " User report from Dr Paul Mattout, a dentist with his own practice in Marseilles, France.

Perfectly maintained in just 10 seconds

The new Assistina TWIN lubricates all rotating parts and cleans the spray channels of dental handpieces perfectly - in record time. We interviewed Christian Lechner, W&H Product Manager for Reprocessing and Infection Control, for an insight into the product development and the particular advantages the new automatic maintenance device.

Efficient and atraumatic root canal treatment

Long-term conservation of dentition is the primary objective of modern endodontics. Alongside efficient diagnostics and treatment methods, the use of the latest technical aids and instruments also makes an important contribution to successful patient care.

Paediatric dentistry: Optimal view in the mouths of small patients

Working in small oral cavities is one of the particular challenges of paediatric dentistry. “When working on our small patients, we are subject to some quite tight spatial restrictions – for physiological reasons, of course. As such, we have to be able to handle the instruments we use quickly, safely and easily,” explained Dr Fräßle-Fuchs. The W&H TK-94 L microturbine allows the dentists to perform the treatments quickly and safely – thanks to the small turbine head.

Expanded endo tip range for efficient root canal treatment

In order to ensure that root canal treatments are performed as efficiently and atraumatically as possible, Dr Shahrad Nouraie Ashtiani, an oral surgeon and specialist in endodontics from Bremen, Germany, relies on the W&H Tigon+ piezo scaler in combination with the optimally coordinated ultrasonic tip range. In the following article, the expert outlines three clinical applications (primary treatment of a tooth, removal of a root post, removal of a broken-off root canal instrument) in which the targeted use of the W&H endo tip range is described in more detail.

Two surgical devices on one trolley

The new W&H Implantmed and Piezomed are now available on a mobile trolley – optionally with the wireless foot control. The “Single Point of Operation” has all the central indications for oral surgery and implantology covered. At the same time, it also permits a particularly efficient workflow.

New Lisa gets Dental Industry Award

We were delighted that against tough competition, W&H (UK) were chosen as the Winners of the Product Launch of the Year Category with a very strong and eye catching Marketing Campaign utilising the Lisa bug. This included a clever teaser campaign and a broad spectrum of PR and advertising use.

Tigon+: Gentle and efficient prophylactic treatment

Maria Semmler treats up to eight prophylaxis patients daily and highly values the functions and properties of the W&H piezo scaler. The Tigon+ boasts a high degree of functionality and user-friendliness. In addition, the expanded tip range from W&H allows you to work in a way which preserves the remaining tooth substance. In a recent interview, she gave us an insight into her experience with the W&H device.

W&H at the CIOSP in Brazil

The 35th edition of the CIOSP (Congresso Internacional de Odontologia de São Paulo) took place in São Paulo in February 2017. For the first time the class B sterilizer LINA was presented in Brazil and was very well received by the visitors. Another highlight was the W&H electric motor.

Customizable program sequences with Implantmed

The logical and intuitively designed navigation system and the customizable program sequences allow the implantologist to concentrate on the essentials – namely the patient and the treatment.

Experiences of the new Implantmed surgical device

The W&H Implantmed provides dentists, working in implantology and oral surgery, with a device whose specifications are precisely tailored to the requirements of everyday treatment practice. In the next section, experts from various regions describe how the new Implantmed is proving useful in practice. Their short statements may give us only a brief insight into their working methods, but speak volumes about the advantages of the new W&H device.

Extraction of impacted teeth

“You gotta act” - or why the preparation in extraction of impacted teeth is so important! Guided by the belief that dentists and their patients deserve the best, W&H Bulgaria organized in November 2016 a clinical theoretical-practical course on the topic “Extraction of impacted teeth”. Lecturer of the event was the leading specialist in the field of dental surgery and implantology Dr. Branimir Kirilov.

Built-in Solutions for dental units

United under the term Built-in Solutions, W&H offers a range of drive solutions that can be integrated in dental units. This makes it possible to upgrade existing treatment units with new functions and innovative drives, thereby customizing them to suit the changing needs of the dentists and dentistry as the profession evolves. As always, the highest level of treatment efficiency and ergonomics plus maximum comfort for both the user and patient alike are at the heart of W&H Built-in Solutions.

W&H and Osstell: a perfect match

As a surprise to the market, the Austrian family-run enterprise W&H at EAO in Paris announced its exclusive cooperation with the renowned Swedish company Osstell, together with its presentation of the new lmplantmed generation. EDI Journal met W&H CEO Peter Malata, Osstell CEO Jonas Ehinger and Professor Neil Meredith, who originally developed the resonance frequency analysis (RFA) method.

First discovery corner opened in Innviertel

FMV and Schalchen local authority have equipped Schalchen kindergarten with popular research lab. The Innviertel’s first ever discovery corner was opened on 10 January 2017 with the support of FMV GmbH, a subsidiary of W&H, and Schalchen local authority. The aim of the popular research lab for kindergartens is to stimulate the natural curiosity of the very young and to enable them to experience our living environment with all their senses.

Reliable implantation - with surgical unit Implantmed

Dr. Fred Bergmann - President of the German Society of Oral Implantology (DGOI) explains why implantation with the W&H Implantmed surgical unit is simpler and more reliable, that the Osstell module offers the only available option for measuring the osseointegration again at a later time and why the cordless control for multiple surgical units is a real hit.

Efficient and atraumatic periodontal therapy

The expanded tip range for periodontal use from W&H now offers users an optimized set of instruments for modern periodontal therapy. In addition to improved access from shallow to very deep periodontal pockets, the tip range offers support in the rapid and at the same time atraumatic cleaning of even angled roots.

W&H secures second Austrian national championship title in a row

W&H attracted attention once again at this year’s Austrian national vocational championships with another impressive performance. With confidence and outstanding professional finesse, Marco Kern and Florian Spitzwieser successfully mastered all of the tasks set by the board of judges in the “CNC lathe turning” category and between them managed to take home both 1st and 5th place. As the new national champion, Marco Kern has not only secured his place at the 2017 “World Skills” world vocational championships in Abu Dhabi, but is also following hot on the heels of Alexander Wagner, who won the national championships title for W&H last time around in 2014.

W&H and Planmeca approach the Indian market together

Since September 1st 2016 the two family-run businesses W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH from Austria and the Finnish dental equipment manufacturer Planmeca Oy have joined forces on the dental market in India. With establishing a shared office centre in Bangalore, as well as a specialized customer service network, the two companies will create a strong base for sustainable growth in the highly potential Indian market.

W&H and Osstell presented all-in-one solution for implantology

At the EAO’s 25th Annual Scientific Congress in Paris, W&H and Osstell presented the result of their current cooperation. Launched on the 1st of September 2016, the new W&H Implantmed surgical device with the optional W&H Osstell ISQ module, offers clinicians a unique system for a reliable assessment of the implant stability and the degree of osseointegration.

W&H at the EAO congress in Paris

The new Implantmed surgical unit sets a benchmark in implantology! More than 3,000 visitors gathered at the Palais des Congrès de Paris to find out at first-hand about the latest product news and take part in interactive scientific sessions and discussions. With the presentation of the new Implantmed, which provides supporting functions for the surgical team, W&H made an impact at the congress.

Oral surgery made even simpler and more flexible

Specially designed for the demanding requirements encountered in surgical applications, the new Implantmed by W&H offers even more comprehensive support during treatment. In a recent interview, Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Unterkircher, Product Manager Oral Surgery & Implantology, spoke about W&H’s expertise in oral and maxillofacial surgery, the particular development focus and the new functions of the Implantmed.

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