W&H takes off – direction Rocket League

W&H is one of the pioneers in the field of medical technology. Continuous investments, state-of-the-art developments, and progressive thinking – W&H is leading the way. In big steps, as the medica technology company's latest project shows once again. In cooperation with the Austrian e-sports experts Morekats, W&H is now taking off in a whole new direction: the Rocket League.

W&H Rocket League team
Working together as a team for W&H (f. l. t. r. Miloš Pavlović, Jonathan Bauernfeind, Martin Wimmer and Clemens Hausmann).

e-sports, the digital generation’s sport. That's what it's all about. About professional competition in computer and video games, about physical and mental peak performance, about forming a team and developing into a strong athletic entity. In a casting, the final W&H Rocket League teams have now been selected and with the e-sports professionals Morekats, W&H has found the perfect partner for this new endeavour. Upcoming workshops, team building, and e-sports events for the factory teams are already planned.

The final W&H Rocket League teams

With an overall of 15 male applicants wanting to become a part of the W&H Rocket League team, the innovative idea was well received within the company. "We are, of course, very pleased with our employees’ and young talents’ enthusiasm. An incredible result, which also shows W&H’s internal social cohesion and the strong team spirit within the company", emphasises Christof Baier, training coordinator at W&H. The casting for the final teams took place in early November. Through an internal selection process with individual interviews and initial gaming sessions, the two W&H Rocket League teams, consisting of four players each, emerged.

All the way to the top – with commitment and enthusiasm

Ambitious results. That’s what W&H is aiming for. And the new e-sports project is no exception.
The preliminary rounds for the DACH league in the Rocket League area, the so-called Nitro League, are coming up in February. The teams have started their training and with the active support of the e-sports professionals Morekats, the players now are being prepared for a hopefully successful Rocket League season through workshops and events. "I’m excited to be part of the W&H Rocket League team, and I’m looking forward to seeing how we as a team will develop over the coming weeks," says Jonathan Bauernfeind, W&H e-sports team member. Via @esport_wh, the W&H e-sports social media channels on Instagram and Twitter, the teams share their experiences. In addition, up-to-date information on the players as well as the most important news about the teams in the W&H Rocket League are featured at

Christof Baier with the Morekats
W&H (left Christof Baier) on the road to e-sports success with their partner, the Morekats (right Miloš Pavlović and Clemens Hausmann).

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