W&H AIMS leads the way

Maintaining hygiene in a dental practice is essential, but it can be complex. That's where W&H AIMS comes in. With a wide product portfolio, fundamental knowledge, and all relevant information at a glance, W&H AIMS stands as a valuable resource for every medical professional. W&H provides step-by-step support for professional hygiene management to break the chain of infection effectively. Now also with a range of compatible hygiene and disinfectants under the brand BePro.

AIMS – Advanced Infection Prevention Management Solutions
W&H AIMS supports users step by step on their way to professional hygiene management.

W&H AIMS guides healthcare professionals through the seven reprocessing steps, and now also includes information on environmental infection prevention. The comprehensive workflow provides practical recommendations, specific solutions, and further scientific knowledge for more efficiency and effectiveness. "Take care. Be safe." – with W&H AIMS medical professionals can elevate their daily hygiene management practices to a professional level and thus provide the best possible care and protection for patients and themselves.

Safety first

How and where do infection risks occur? Why is every step of the reprocessing process crucial?
What role does personal protective equipment play? W&H AIMS provides answers to these and many other questions, guiding users step by step along the way to customising their hygiene management process. The workflow now also includes all steps for cleaning and disinfecting the dental practice – ensuring that all critical points are taken into account. The W&H AIMS website has been updated and is now even more comprehensive and intuitive. At the same time, new user videos have been created that explain all the steps involved in reprocessing and infection control.

Visit the new AIMS website at
The W&H AIMS website has been updated and is now even more comprehensive and intuitive.

Seamless cleaning and disinfection solutions

W&H’s reliable product portfolio also offers the perfect complement for implementation into everyday working routines. Not only the devices for reprocessing handpieces or the well-proven W&H sterilizers – since this year, W&H also offers a range of compatible hygiene and disinfection agents under the brand BePro.

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