Reprocessing made easy

With the W&H AIMS workflow 2.0: For more prevention in everyday practice

Improved usability, even more practical relevance, and further scientific information by a click: With the new W&H AIMS workflow for the correct reprocessing of instruments, W&H offers a valuable online help for professional hygiene management in dental practices.

W&H AIMS online workflow: available anywhere.
W&H AIMS online workflow for safe reprocessing: available anytime, anywhere.

The W&H AIMS workflow – a key to successful infection prevention

When it comes to successful infection prevention, the correct reprocessing of dental instruments is key. W&H AIMS (Advanced Infection Prevention Management Solutions) may support here:
because the W&H AIMS workflow guides – online – reliably and quickly through seven steps of correct reprocessing. Now with improved usability and even more valuable best practice examples.

Step by step to efficient hygiene management

From the safe handling of used items to the optimal storage of sterilized goods, the updated W&H AIMS workflow leads through the single steps in a clear and well-structured manner, providing practical recommendations, specific solutions and further scientific knowledge for more efficiency and effectiveness all along.

Refreshingly helpful for beginners and experts

Besides this, the advanced W&H AIMS workflow is the ideal tool for supporting beginners as well as to refresh basic knowledge. What shall I focus on and why? How do I protect myself and patients whilst reprocessing? Why is every single step crucial? What are the relevant international standards, and what about traceability?

Giving reliable answers to these and many other questions, the brand-new W&H AIMS workflow provides comprehensive support on your way to professional reprocessing. 24 hours a day, seven days a week.