Hygiene standards at the highest level

The W&H hygiene portfolio is continuously growing, with more and more products, the company enables individual hygiene workflows and responds to customer needs. In this interview, Marino
Magno, member of the management team at W&H Sterilization, talks about his vision for the W&H hygiene portfolio, current product highlights, sterilizers in a class of their own, and the new BePro cleaning range from W&H. He also gives an outlook on what else we can expect from W&H in the hygiene sector.

Marino Magno, member of the management team at W&H Sterilization
Marino Magno, member of the management  team at W&H Sterilization

The W&H product range in the hygiene sector has grown significantly in recent years. What is your vision for the W&H hygiene portfolio?

Marino Magno: At the core of our vision is the desire to offer our customers a broad, reliable, and safe product portfolio. That means, that we not only offer sustainable products with a long service life, but also the corresponding workflows, recommendations, and guidelines. With W&H AIMS, for example, we provide a guideline for the optimal reprocessing workflow. Our main goal for the coming years is to serve the entire hygiene cycle. And we are well on the way to achieving this goal. At W&H we are constantly coming up with new product highlights. Our workflows are intended to be a benchmark for facilitating work, streamlining processes, and saving time so that our customers can devote themselves to their priority: the patient and his satisfaction.

What are the latest highlights of the W&H hygiene portfolio?

Marino Magno: Our latest highlight is definitely our new BePro portfolio, which will be available from May. With BePro, we now offer a comprehensive system that covers the entire dental needs regarding cleaning and disinfection products: from surface and instrument disinfection to the removal of pathogens from suction systems, automated reprocessing with washer disinfectors to personal care and disinfection of hands. The new BePro range is a "Peace of Mind" system. It is extremely effective, in reasonable time and without being aggressive on surfaces.
In the area of sterilizers, Lara XL is our most recently launched product. What distinguishes the product from our other sterilizers are even more capacity and short cycles, giving our customers autonomy in managing and choosing cycle duration. Another product innovation is our Assistina One, which is an entry-level equipment for lubrication. The Assistina One is a sustainable choice from all points of view: Customers have low machine costs and additionally, the Assistina One reduces oil consumption compared to the manual procedure.

BePro range
With BePro, W&H now offers a comprehensive range of disinfectants and cleaning agents.

You mentioned the AIMS workflow at the beginning. Can you explain the concept behind it? Why did W&H develop a hygiene guide?

Marino Magno: With the W&H AIMS workflow, we aim to give our customers a guideline to ensure the correct reprocessing of instruments. It’s a tool that “educates”. From a scientific point of view, W&H AIMS is a support for those who have been carrying out these operations for years, and a real training tool for those who are approaching the world of hygiene for the first time. When it comes to successful infection prevention, the correct reprocessing of dental instruments is crucial. The W&H AIMS online workflow guides through seven steps of correct reprocessing in a quick and reliable way.

What makes the W&H hygiene portfolio so special? Which products can be found in the W&H hygiene portfolio?

Marino Magno: W&H's ever-growing hygiene portfolio includes products that cover every need, from when an instrument is first used to when it is ready to be used again, from pre-soaking phase to the automatic cleaning with Teon, our thermal washer disinfector. We offer solutions to maintain and reprocess handpieces, such as Assistina and our lubricants, for packaging, with EliReel and SealVal, and finally for sterilization, with all our autoclaves of various sizes, levels, and features, always interconnected with our traceability solutions, APPs and ioDent® cloud platform.
In developing the W&H hygiene portfolio, we focus on efficient ownership costs. Our customers know that following their initial investment they can look forward to long term savings in time, energy, and resources, as well as reducing their workload and stress. The right mix of carefully chosen materials and special attention to energy efficiency ensure that products are also sustainable from an environmental point of view.

What distinguishes W&H sterilizers from competitors' sterilizers?

Marino Magno: All of our sterilizers are reliable, easy to use, efficient, sustainable, and connectable. Our devices are connectivity ready – they are "digital native" and have built-in future-proof technologies. One of the main distinguishing features of W&H sterilizers on the market is precisely the ability to enable connectivity and connection of all sterilizers to different types of documentation systems on the market, up to and including the connection to our ioDent®digital cloud platform, which allows us to extend dedicated services to our customers.
With our products, we offer all the systems and services that you might need in a clinic, including state-of-the-art ones. We adopt all the latest technological solutions during product development in order to minimise operating costs and the need of maintenance, with optimised energy and water consumption and adaptable cycle time speed.

Lara XL universe
Lara XL convinces with even more capacity, energy-saving and fast type B cycles, advanced connectivity and traceability options.

What are the advantages for customers of connecting the sterilizers to ioDent®?

Marino Magno: Connecting our sterilizers to the ioDent® platform comes with many benefits: Typically, the interconnection brings additional services that our partners offer to the end customer, such as preventive maintenance, remote assistance, and centralised documentation stored on the cloud. All interconnections are based on a single mantra: ensure a system with peace-of-mind solutions, always.

What can we expect from W&H Sterilization in the future?

Marino Magno: We will continue along this path, developing products and related solutions, based on user needs, that are increasingly becoming sustainable, both economically and environmentally.