Optimum process control with W&H eLog and the new Helix test

Clean instruments and sterile equipment are a matter of course in a professional dental practice. The correct and safe functioning of steam sterilizers is therefore crucial. With the new eLog from W&H routine tests and recording of sterilization cycles can now be automatically saved in a digital logbook. This ensures that documentation requirements can be met at all times. Furthermore, W&H is introducing a new Helix test to enable optimum process control for type B sterilizers.

Go digital with eLog

Dental practices must retain records of sterilization cycles and routine tests for an extended period, varying based on country-specific and legal requirements. With eLog, W&H offers a fast, secure, and reliable digital solution, ensuring all essential data is available online, thereby facilitating a sustainable improvement in the practice workflow. Not only does this simplify record-keeping, but it also saves time, paper, and contributes to environmental conservation. The eLog system features an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for dental professionals to find their way around and seamlessly integrate digital data recording into their daily routines. Users have the option of storing the data safely on the ioDent® platform or locally via the W&H Steri App. The digital logbook is available on a PC or smart device and is audit-proof.

W&H eLog sujet.
With the new eLog from W&H routine tests and recording of sterilization cycles can now be saved in a digital logbook.

Reliability in routine monitoring

This is what the new Helix test from W&H promises for type B sterilizers. It acts as a hollow body which, due to its physical shape, simulates the most difficult requirements for the sterilization of hollow body instruments. “The QR code on the test strips enables full traceability and full integration with eLog, our unique feature that digitises and simplifies sterilization logbooks. With just a few simple steps, the result of the Helix test can be seamlessly and effortlessly saved in the new eLog system”, explains Simone Facagni, W&H product manager.

Helix test kit
Reliability in routine monitoring promises the new Helix test from W&H for type B sterilizers.

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