W&H is implementing a comprehensive energy-saving package

W&H saved 900,000 kWh of electricity last year. This corresponds to the annual consumption of around 180 single-family homes. The medical technology company was able to realise this high savings potential by comprehensively optimising its own energy management. In addition to smart tools and investments in future-oriented technologies, concrete measures, creative ideas and teamwork contributed to this.

Kober Sixtus, Manfred Kinzl and Mayr Daniel (from left to right) in the production hall.
Kober Sixtus (left), Manfred Kinzl and Daniel Mayr are part of the project team for energy-saving measures at W&H.

W&H takes sustainability aspects into account along the entire process chain and in a wide variety of projects within the company. Last year, there was a clear focus on energy-saving measures. "We worked very intensively on this topic for a year. In the first step, we looked at our consumption behaviour and where we could manage better," explains Sixtus Kober, member of the W&H project team. Based on this analysis, 24 measures were derived for implementation. The aim was to operate all production machines and building technology as efficiently and economically as possible, and thus conserve resources and reduce the company's ecological footprint.

Numerous measures for environmental protection

Many of the measures identified in the project were aimed at optimising energy use, adjusting time switches in systems and raising awareness among each individual about resource conservation. By investing 100,000 euros in a new air compressor, 70,000 kWh were saved annually. Other measures included energy-optimised programming of the production machines in order to reduce stand-by costs, the adjustment of the compressed air control system and making the best possible use of the machine’s waste heat to heat the building. In 2023, the medical technology company's gas consumption in production was reduced by almost 70%. "Further measures will be implemented in the next months. We definitely see great potential for W&H," emphasises Daniel Mayr, W&H Facility Management. "We rely on sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions," adds Sixtus Kober.

 Daniel Mayer points to the display of the air compressor.
Daniel Mayr in front of the higher-level control of the air compressors.

The role of sustainability at W&H

W&H actively promotes environmental management within the company and thus realises the company's ecological and sustainable goals. In 2022, W&H received the Environmental Management Award from the Austrian Federal Ministry for the expansion of resource-efficient processes and a sustainable energy concept. In 2023, W&H published its first sustainability report and had the company's environmental management certified according to EMAS.