W&H expands excellence for hygiene and sterilization

Hygiene and maintenance of instruments is becoming an increasingly important issue in the dental sector worldwide. For the last two decades, W&H has been recognized as one of the leading companies in the field of dental hygiene and in particular in the sterilization area. Besides selling high-tech products, W&H has always put priority and efforts in educating the market, providing not only sales and technical training but also detailed relevant information on hygiene, sterilization and infection prevention to its partners and end users.

This was much appreciated, thus W&H decided to further strengthen this contribution to the market in to emphasise its commitment towards partners and customers by introducing a person totally devoted to hygiene and sterilizer education, the hygiene "ambassador" of the W&H group.

Christian Stempf
Christian Stempf

Hygiene "ambassador" of the W&H group.

For this, W&H appointed Christian Stempf, who has worked with W&H for more than 20 years and having co-developed the first LISA sterilizers, which are firmly established in the top quality segment of the market for Class B benchtop sterilizers. He is a founding member of AESIC, a European organization for information on infection prevention, infection control and hygiene within dentistry and played an active part in formulating the first European Norm on bench top sterilizers (EN13060).

Christian Stempf, speaking 4 languages, will offer vendor independent lectures worldwide in all objectivity. Focus will be on the topic of sterilization and infection prevention for partners and expert audience, as well as on national or international congresses. In his speeches he will share knowledge and experience on the basics of microbiology, hygiene, relevant norms such as the EN 13060, chemical indicators, traceability, etc.

Innovative product and service solutions, a strong focus on research and development, vision and social responsibility have made W&H a successful local and global player. With Christian Stempf as “Hygiene ambassador” W&H expands its excellence in the field of dental hygiene and sterilization.

Anyone who develops instruments used to safeguard human health must never lose sight of the fact that in this process people always have priority.

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