Prosthodontic screwdriver at Internationaler Handwerksmesse (IHM)

During the summit on the German economy in Munich, Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the Internationale Handwerksmesse 2017, the leading trade fair for craft trades. W&H's trade partner RIEBL-Siebdruck from Landshut/Ergolding had the opportunity on this occasion to introduce the company to the Chancellor. Company founder Hannes Riebl and co-director Florian Harrer answered Angela Merkel's questions on their product range, provided insights into the daily challenges faced by medium-sized companies and talked about the close bond with customers such as W&H. The W&H prosthodontic screwdriver was used to demonstrate the company’s high-quality work in the area of screen, digital and hybrid printing, and the Chancellor was visibly impressed.

Photo: ZDH/Ortrud Stegner. Co-director Florian Harrer introduces the W&H prosthodontic screwdriver to the Chancellor.
Photo: RIEBL-Siebdruck. Co-director Florian Harrer talking to Chancellor Merkel.