Official opening of joint branch office in Bangalore

W&H and Planmeca set for further expansion in India

Since September 1st 2016 the two family-run businesses W&H and Planmeca have joined forces on the Indian dental market. A substantial component of the cooperation was the establishment of a joint branch office in Bangalore.

officially opened the joint branch office at Bangalore.

On the 20th of April 2017 the new office was officially opened by W&H President Peter Malata and Planmeca President Heikki Kyöstilä.

With the new premises and a highly skilled team on-site the cooperation partners have taken recent steps in India to localise their support centre.

“Our aim is to work for the good of the Indian dental community bringing good quality dental and patient care for the people of the country”, stated Heikki Kyöstilä. The new office offers essential prerequisites for a synergistic and unique product offering of both companies and best customer service. “With the new office we aim to further strengthen our joint sales and service structure in the country and create a centre point for boosting customer confidence and trust in our brands”, explained Peter Malata.

New showroom with modern technology

A particular highlight: the new showroom.
Cutting edge technologies of W&H and Planmeca.
Product presentation, live demonstration and customer training.

Over 125 invited guests accepted the invitation of W&H and Planmeca and joined the official opening ceremony of the joint branch office. Beside renowned dentists across India like the former DCI President, Dr. Anil Kolhi, General Vimal Arora, the former head of the Dental Branch of the Army, Navy & Air Force, as the Director General of the Armed Forces Dental Services plus Dr. Bhasker Rao, founding Principal and later Director of S.D.M. College of Dental Sciences & Hospital, all took part in the event.

A particular highlight was the demonstration of the new showroom. Equipped with modern technology within an area of 2,800 sq ft it offers best possibilities for product presentation, live demonstration and customer training. Special emphasis of the new showroom is placed on the application areas Oral Surgery & Implantology, Restoration & Prosthetics, Sterilization, Hygiene & Maintenance as well as CAD/CAM and Radiology. In the future comprehensive product training for customers, will also be an essential part of the joint market activities. “The new office was especially designed to provide basic product courses for Indian customers followed by advanced courses at respective facilities at the company headquarters in Austria and Finland”, explained Raghavan Radhakrishnan, General Manager & Country Head.

Strong local presence enhances customer confidence

Opening Ceremony
Opening Ceremony: Heikki Kyöstilä (Planmeca President)
Raghavan Radhakrishnan
Raghavan Radhakrishnan (General Manager of
Planmeca India and of W&H India)

During the opening event Raghavan Radhakrishnan and his Indian team gave the visitors deeper insights into the new facilities. With live demonstrations they presented the new products and training possibilities. As a market with high potential and a vast population of 1.3 billion people, it is expected that India will be needing and asking for more and more safe and good quality dental services. Therefore an increasing need for better products in clinical work and diagnostic is assumed. “We strive for a synergistic product offering dedicated to the Indian market demands. By sharing not only facilities but also other practical activities with our partner Planmeca we want to establish a professional technical support, professional application support and education”, explained Peter Malata.

With the local office and direct representation W&H and Planmeca create a direct link to the Indian customers and strengthen customer bonds. Heikki Kyöstilä underlined the importance of providing best treatment quality to Indian customers: “How will we get the most out of modern and integrated digital dental platforms in a way, that patients can enjoy faster, safer and consistent treatment quality without compromises? And how do we do this, while also keeping dental services on an economically sustainable road? The answer lies in true partnerships, continuous learning as well as responsibility and commitment to each other.”

After the visit and official opening of the new premises the event was continued at the Hotel Taj Bangalore. In joint discussions, with the representatives of W&H and Planmeca as well as the Indian team, the visitors could seek more information on the synergistic product portfolio and future activities of the two companies. During a joint lunch in the beautiful ambience of the hotel they had further opportunity for talks and networking.

partnership in India
Heikki Kyöstilä and Peter Malata are cutting a cake together - a symbol for a good partnership in India.
guests joined the Get-together
More than 125 guests joined the Get-together after the official office opening at the Hotel Taj Bangalore.