NIWOP successfully presented at the IAP in Bangkok

Experts from different nations gathered at IAP 2019 – the 17th Biennial Conference in Bangkok (Thailand). From the 6th to 8th of June 2019 the International Academy of International Periodontology provided a forum to learn about cutting-edge topics in periodontal research and clinical therapy. With insights into the systematic and evidence-based workflow NIWOP – “No Implantology without Periodontology”, W&H set a themed focus on prevention of peri-implantitis. An exclusive scientific workshop dedicated to the management of peri-implantitis was held by Prof. Dr. Andreas Stavropoulos (PhD and Head of the Department of Periodontology at the University of Malmö, Sweden). The Workshop rounded off the congress participation and was a big success.

W&H at the IAP in Bangkok
With the support of partner Dental Siam, the W&H Team presented the innovative product portfolio to the visitors. In the picture: Bernhard Eder, Product Portfolio Manager, Roman Gschaider, Product Manager, Regine Wai, Business Development Manager Southeast Asia, and Piyanard Charoenthong, Marketing Director of Dental Siam and employees.
W&H at the IAP in Bangkok
Bernhard Eder showed booth visitors the product features and the clinical use of Proxeo Aura using different powders.

Pre-treatment, implantation, aftercare – The evidence-based, systematic NIWOP workflow and the specialised W&H products can contribute to a long-term implant success. At the IAP, W&H experts presented the holistic NIWOP workflow. It supports a sound and healthy tissue condition surrounding the implant. At the W&H booth, interested visitors gained insights into the workflow and the W&H product portfolio, which provides products for every step of the NIWOP treatment.

The W&H booth-team focused on hands-on sessions using both Piezomed and Proxeo Aura. Additionally, the team presented the visitors the innovative product features of Implantmed Plus, Proxeo Ultra and the Proxeo Twist range – cordless Proxeo Twist Polishing System and Proxeo Twist LatchShort Polishing System.

Science based peri-implantitis therapy

Peri-implantitis is the inflammation of the peri-implant mucosa with degradation of the peri-implant bone. This can ultimately lead to implant loss and requires early treatment. In order to learn more about the treatment of peri-implantitis, approximately 25 dentists from India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia and Australia joined the scientific workshop led by Prof. Dr. Andreas Stavropoulos, PhD. During the workshop, he lectured on both non-surgical and surgical management of peri-implantitis, complemented by several clinical videos and patient cases. The participants practiced the treatment procedure on peri-implantitis models. In the first step, the inflamed area was made accessible by opening the mucosa. In the next step, infected tissue was removed and cleaned with Proxeo Aura Air Polishing System. The implant surface was then smoothened using the Implantmed Plus and WS-92 L contra-angle handpiece. Following this, bone chips were collected with Piezomed for the augmentation and the defect was covered with a membrane. Finally, the soft tissue was sutured.

The workshop not only provided ample space for scientific discussion, but also valuable instructions and hints for everyday clinical use.

Exchange ideas among experts

Since its establishment in 1985, the aim of the IAP Biennal Conference is to increase the worldwide knowledge on periodontology. The conference provides an international platform to further knowledge-exchange and to share the latest findings. For W&H, it offered the opportunity to strengthen the bond between industry and science. By focusing on linking treatment recommendations with an innovative product portfolio, it is possible to address the needs of users and offer efficient solutions for successful patient treatment.

W&H at the IAP in Bangkok
IAP trade visitors showed keen interest in W&H products.
W&H at the IAP in Bangkok
In an exclusive workshop, the expert for periodontology Prof. Dr. Andreas Stavropoulos, PhD, gave insights into the management of peri-implantitis.
W&H at the IAP in Bangkok
In hands-on sessions, Prof. Dr. Andreas Stavropoulos, PhD, showed the use of W&H products in the treatment process.
W&H at the IAP in Bangkok
Approximately 25 participants from India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia and Australia joined the scientific workshop.

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