W&H ProService

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Uncompromising quality from professionals – not only when purchasing new medical devices, but also when it comes to service. W&H ProService is the standard for maximum service quality in medical technology and offers, with a worldwide network of professional service partners, the best for you and your patients.

Whether simple maintenance or comprehensive repairs – with W&H ProService, W&H guarantees reliable functionality and certified safety of your W&H products. Because using medical devices is associated with great responsibility. Responsibility for patients and for compliance with medical technology standards. Our service partners are on hand to assist you in this. Professionally and comprehensively. Because in the sensitive medical sector, one thing matters above all: manufacturer’s expertise.

Real pros. The essence of safety.

Everyone who develops and manufactures products knows what it’s about. This is exactly what distinguishes the W&H ProService partners. They are real pros and know more about W&H products and the industry than anyone else. They are real insiders. Furthermore, they are passionate about work, are closely connected to the product and understand the technology. With their outstanding service competence, they ensure that your W&H products meet the highest quality standards even after many years.

W&H ProService – reliable functionality and certified safety for your W&H products

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