Lyla: Your customised solution – now and in the future

Face all challenges ahead – with the new Lyla S type sterilizer from W&H. Smart upgrades respond to your business needs and make the W&H innovation the perfect partner for your hygiene workflow. With an easy upgrade from S to B type sterilizer, W&H covers high requirements with only one unit. This forward-thinking technology makes Lyla the future-proof, best performing solution for safe reprocessing and infection prevention.

S type sterilization is a safe and sustainable method of reprocessing medical items. The new Lyla supports the practice team in making professional life safer and, at the same time, less complicated. The smart upgrade system offers a cost-efficient, fast and customised opportunity to activate additional features to reflect your practice needs or comply with future requirements. Easy to operate and equipped with the best cycle time in its segment, Lyla is the professional device for your sterilization process.

Smart upgrades

Discover the upgradeability with the Activation Code system! It provides several Activation Codes that offer a tailored opportunity to enhance additional features. One highlight is the “B cycle” feature. It simply and quickly upgrades Lyla to a B type sterilizer according to EN 13060. So, whatever happens in the future, you’ll be well-prepared with this unique Lyla feature.

Super-fast cycles

Different available cycles guarantee the possibility to sterilize several instrument types, including hollow bodies, both wrapped, unwrapped or placed in containers. The gentle cycle ensures the sterilization of sensitive items and porous loads, such as surgical clothes.

Secure traceability

The integrated built-in USB data logger ensures entire digital cycle documentation for legal protection. The label printer can be connected to the sterilizer for printing barcodes. In combination with the integrated data logger, it improves your traceability system. Thanks to the barcode reader you can scan labels into patient records – an easy tool to link cycle, pouch and patient.

Extended connectivity is given with the W&H Steri App. It allows controlling and remote monitoring the sterilizer thanks to a Wi-Fi connection. Moreover, cycle history back-up automatically saved on smartphone ensures extra-safety.

Simple operation

Unrivalled usability thanks to 3.5“ colour touch screen and simplified menu structure, time-saving maintenance and advanced functionality raise to be Lyla considered as a benchmark in its class.

Manual water filling is simple with the integrated funnel and the water tank cover can be easily removed without tools. The smooth surface design and ergonomic shape enables easy cleaning and, thanks to modular feet, it fits in anywhere. Thanks to the high level of reliability, the service interval is set to 4,000 cycles or 5 years.

Needs and requirements may change. Prepare yourself with Lyla! It provides professional sterilization for a peace of mind reprocessing and infection prevention – now and in the future. With Lyla you can respond flexibly to upcoming challenges and increase safety for your patients and your practice team – all within the W&H AIMS workflow.

Easy upgrade to a B type sterilizer according to EN 13060.
Easy upgrade to a B type sterilizer according to EN 13060.
The new Lyla is now packaged in an even more environmentally friendly way.
The new Lyla is now packaged in an even more environmentally friendly way.


W&H AIMS – safe infection prevention one step at a time
W&H AIMS – safe infection prevention one step at a time

W&H AIMS (Advanced Infection prevention Management Solutions) is the workflow for every dental practice.
It guides you through every individual step of the reprocessing process in order to minimise the risk of infection. W&H products offer full functionality for your customised hygiene workflow.