#dentalsunited goes green

Be part of the solution

As a society, we know that climate change and environmental pollution are pressing issues. Climate experts urge us all to take a better look at our habits – both private and professional. While people are becoming more and more aware of the impact that lifestyle changes can have, we also believe that there are areas in the medical field that can benefit from looking at them through the environmental lens. These areas include, for example, paper waste, single-use products, greenhouse gas emissions and energy, to name just a few.

W&H has always strived for progress. As a manufacturer of dental products, we build our success on innovation and development. Progress often demands change. As seen time and time again in (recent) history, several small changes made by many can already have a huge impact. We are stronger as a community united to make dentistry sustainable. For our planet and for our future. But what can each of us do to make dentistry greener? Let’s start with raising awareness and build from there, taking one step at a time.

In the following weeks we want to share our efforts as a manufacturer, provide you with practical tips, hear your ideas, inspire change together and grow a community.

We invite you to join the movement. Let’s UNITE – #dentalsunited goes green

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