W&H eco-management

Sustainability is everybody’s responsibility

The health of our planet concerns us all. For decades, a high regard for the past and responsibility for the future have influenced W&H’s actions. Factors such as quality, safety and environmental protection help further our quest to offer our customers the best product range possible. As a company, we have a particular socio-political responsibility towards the respectful use of natural resources from our environment and the prevention of environmental pollution. This applies to our role in the industry as marketers and distributors of medical products.

“Quality management is key to our philosophy. We are proud to have implemented a certified environmental management system in compliance with the international standard ISO 14001 since 2007. We regularly identify the obligations that are relevant to our products and company and make sure to take the appropriate measures”, says Thomas Lang, head of the sustainability management team at W&H.

What is the purpose of the certification?

ISO 14001 is an established and globally accepted standard for the certification of environmental management systems. It signals to the customer that a company operates in a sustainable and eco-conscious way.

The main goals of eco-management systems are

  • to protect the environment by avoiding or minimising adverse effects
  • to improve environmental performance

by managing or influencing the way in which products are developed, produced, distributed, used, and disposed of.

Our customers’ needs go first

Moreover, W&H has ISO 9001-certified quality management systems at all production sites.
This means that our products and services meet our clients’ needs as well as legal and official criteria and are continuously improved. Privacy of personal client data is also very important to us, which is why we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In accordance with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR), W&H only distributes products that are safe for medical use. Last but not least, supplier assessments are carried out according to international standards.

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