Because efficiency matters

Well-organised management of materials and energy-efficient devices not only saves costs, but also creates smoother workflows. When you are more aware of the resources you have, the environment benefits first and foremost.

Optimised material management

Have you ever had to throw something away in your dental practice because its expiration date was out? Maybe you ordered too much of a product or couldn’t find it in a disorganised storage room.
Or have you ever had to re-order a small number of items using special or even express delivery?
It might be time to address the elephant in the room: your material management is not working smoothly. Disposing of unused items or express ordering small amounts isn’t only uneconomic, it’s also bad for the environment. Here are tips to solve this problem.

  • List what you have ordered too much of in the past, and order a more realistic amount next time.
  • Organise your inventory in a way that enables you to see exactly how much you have of a certain item at first glance.
  • Check for expiration dates regularly and make sure you use up products in time.
  • Plan quantities for re-stock ahead of time.
  • A dental inventory software can help if the sheer volume of materials gets too overwhelming.
  • Intelligent software might even order necessary items automatically from your dealer when stock is low.

Technology and design

Not all devices are equally designed or developed in terms of efficiency. If you need of new dental equipment, consider taking a closer look at the features that impact longevity and resource efficiency (energy, water, oil, etc.).

Highly efficient equipment supports you with saving resources, thereby being more sustainable as well as reducing time and costs.

A class B sterilizer that adapts to your needs

  • Generally, the rule of thumb is to use your sterilizer fully loaded to get the most out of each cycle and save energy. However, with the unique patented Eco Dry + feature, W&H Lisa (or Lara, when activated) sterilizers adapt the drying time to the mass of the load. This reduces the cycle time, increases the lifespan of your instruments, and optimizes energy consumption.

Oil service with maximum efficiency

  • The right maintenance secures the best possible performance and the longevity of your handpieces, which in itself is more sustainable. Devices such as W&H Assistina TWIN provide the maximum lubrication service for your dental instruments at optimal oil consumption. With its innovative duo-chamber system, it lubricates in record time. Moreover, the TWIN Care Set only needs to be changed after around 2,800 instruments, which is an equivalent of 20 oil spray cans (400 ml per oil spray can), so waste is avoided, too. This means that maintenance isn’t just quick and reliable, it’s also more ecofriendly and cost-effective.

Multifaceted solution

  • W&H Implantmed combined with the Piezomed Module provides an implantology motor with piezosurgery in one device. This means that several surgical applications can be covered.

Minimise single-use items for eco-conscious prophylaxis

  • The Proxeo Twist (Cordless) allows maximum freedom of rotary polishing and has recently been upgraded. It is compatible with thermo-disinfectable and sterilizable handpieces for less waste and hygienic re-use.

Built-in solutions and add-ons: upgrade your dental unit

  • In case your requirements change, and you want to upgrade your dental unit, W&H offers built-in solutions and also add-ons to upgrade your dental unit with electric drives, for example.

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