Let’s educate each other and share our green accomplishments

How do we stay motivated to become more sustainable? After all, it involves changing many habits and putting in additional effort as we move towards our goal. The new changes and practices we implement need to be sustainable in themselves, so we can continue them from here on out. This is how we can all do it together.

The “green” team is a dream team

It is a saying many have heard before, and it’s also true for sustainable dentistry: sharing is caring. To make changes happen in numerous areas of your usual workflows, it is essential to have your whole team on board. A good way to get started is to have a team meeting and introduce the urgency of the process for the sake of our planet. Maybe even ask for a volunteer in your team to take on the role of overseeing the green changes. However, it is crucial that all team members understand why your office is working towards being more sustainable and play their part. You can provide them with reading material such as articles on sustainable dentistry and even provide additional training or visit workshops as a complete team. Make sure you regularly evaluate your progress and discuss it with your team.

Involve your patients

Many people are aware about the situation our planet is facing and are already taking steps to live more sustainably. Surely, most people will appreciate that their dental office is also doing their part. Provide them with information on your measures and even involve them. For example, you could have brochures in the waiting room containing green tips for patients. Put up signs in the washroom with a reminder to turn the faucet off when brushing their teeth or washing their hands. More actively, how about asking them to bring their own toothbrush and cup? Some might – great! Others might not, but then you can always provide them with a new one made from eco-friendly materials.

Share your wins

Our journey towards sustainability is a beautiful one. We are embarking on it not for selfish reasons, but because we care: about our clinic and daily patient care, about our future and that of future generations, and lastly about our planet’s wellbeing. So, every new step that is taken is worth celebrating. Share your accomplishments by putting up certificates in your office and be proud of each goal you have reached. Last but not least, exchange experiences and ideas with fellow colleagues. You never know what you might learn or inspire others to do.

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