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"Perfecta – a great addition to our laboratory!"

A dental technician works continuously with handpieces and turbines. Wolfgang Weisser has worked with most drive systems from a wide range of manufacturers for many years. Here, he talks about one of his favourite systems.

User report: Wolfgang Weisser (Germany)*

I came across the Perfecta 900 from W&H Dentalwerk Buermoos GmbH by chance and really put this unit through its paces in our laboratory. Working with this easy-to-use laboratory drive is a lot of fun. The optimised speed of the speed-increasing handpiece with 100,000 rpm makes it easier to work on all materials right the way through to high-strength ceramic. The ergonomically designed shape enables body-contoured work.

Blow out and cooling rolled into one

The blow out function integrated into the handpiece is a world first that makes everyday work significantly easier – something which is tremendously practical. An integrated cooling spray provides cooling, and therefore prevents material tears.

The Perfecta 900 consists of three modules: the handpiece, the control unit and the separate operating control. The current speed can be seen on the display while you are working. It can be individually positioned as a table or as a knee appliance. Overall, a really great addition to our laboratory – an innovative, modern laboratory drive, that never fails to impress me.

The speed-increasing handpiece with cooling spray

* Source: Dentallabor 7/08

The optionally available laboratory handpiece