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User Report: W&H Pyon 2

W&H Pyon 2

Tania Eberle,dental hygienist from Rosenheim (Germany), talks about her experiences with Pyon 2: the piezo scaler with LED from W&H.

I use the Pyon 2 mainly for cases of periodontitis and for treating biofilm in the mouth.

In the course of my treatments, the specially designed range of tips proved to be particularly user-friendly. With the Perio Tip 1P attachment, perfect cleaning of periodontal pockets can be achieved. The filigree design of the tips ensures that work is minimally invasive. Pyon 2 can easily reach areas that cannot be reached manually.

The perfect illumination from the instrument's LED light also makes work easier. It guarantees good visibility and improved contrasts. A definite benefit for any practice.

I like the clean design of the device itself. This keeps things simple and avoids unnecessary, confusing paraphernalia. The grip of the handpiece is also a good feature. It sits well in the hand and can easily be removed and cleaned. The direct water connection is an impressive technical development.

All in all a very convincing product! I would not want to be without the Pyon 2.