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Convenient and reliable instrument reprocessing with the new Lisa sterilizer

Dr. Vezzoli
Dr Diego Vezzoli is delighted with the new Lisa sterilizer.

Hygiene is top priority in dental practices:

In addition to increased safety for the practice team and the patients alike, the efficient structuring of workflows with state-of-the-art reprocessing technologies plays a particularly important role. Dr Diego Vezzoli, a dentist at the Studio Dentistico Eurodent (Eurodent dental surgery) in Palazzolo sull’Oglio in the province of Brescia (Lombardy, Italy) has been using the new Lisa from W&H for several months now.

The W&H sterilizer provides support in the form of rapid, reliable instrument reprocessing in order to allow the practice to cope with an average daily treatment volume of 20-40 patients. The 8-strong practice team truly values the advantages offered by the new Lisa.

In a recent interview, Dr Vezzoli spoke to us about the advantages of the new W&H sterilizer:

Dr Vezzoli, what role does the new Lisa play in the hygiene cycle in your practice?

Dr. Vezzoli:It is very important. The new Lisa sterilizer from W&H boasts optimized cycle times and thus speeds up our day-to-day work. The reprocessing time between patient treatments is now very short, so the instruments are rapidly available for the next use.

Particular attention was paid to a user-friendly menu design when developing the new Lisa. The four main menu points are intended to allow simple cycle selection. How do you rate the quality of the navigation concept? Does it make work easier for your practice team?

Dr. Vezzoli: In my opinion, operation has been simplified even further and adapted to the requirements in the practice. Apart from the simple navigation, our assistants also appreciate the ergonomics of Lisa in their day-to-day work.

These are two considerable advantages compared with the sterilizers that we used before. We’re satisfied on all fronts.

cycle settings
Simple, rapid cycle settings

Efficient, time-saving work is a focus of every modern dental practice. How would you assess Lisa’s accelerated type B cycle (patented Eco Dry technology)?

Dr. Vezzoli: In addition to a rapid sterilization cycle and low energy consumption, the processing time is also noticeably shorter. What’s more, the shorter sterilization cycle takes less of a toll on the instruments and they therefore enjoy a longer service life.

reprocessing in Lisa Sterilizer
The packaged instruments are reprocessed after comprehensive cleaning and oil servicing in the Lisa sterilizer.

Nowadays, comprehensive quality management is a fundamental standard in every dental practice. At the same time, patient safety is always afforded top priority. As such, complete documentation of sterilization cycles is indispensable. How does the new Lisa support you in this task?

Dr. Vezzoli: The simplicity of the system is a considerable advantage. For example, you have the option of creating a label for the sealed sterile goods to confirm that they are sterile. The cycle is completed when the sealed instruments are opened in the patient’s presence and the label is added to the patient’s file.

In addition to the professional hygiene processes, the patient is also aware of the safety and the high priority afforded to sterilization in our practice. The traceability offers the patient security and is also an important quality criterion in our practice.

Lisa Mobile App
Monitoring of the sterilization process with the Lisa mobile app

Do you also utilise the new Lisa Mobile App in your practice?

Dr. Vezzoli: Our practice team loves the new tool!

In my opinion, the Lisa Mobile App can offer valuable support in times with high work volumes and it helps with the optimization of workflows.

What do you think of the design of the new Lisa? Do you describe the dimensions as “practical”?

Dr. Vezzoli: I think that Lisa fits into rooms well. The compact dimensions and flexible front feet make it easy to integrate the sterilizer in our hygiene workflows.

To finish off, could we ask for your personal evaluation of the new Lisa?

Dr. Vezzoli: I’m very satisfied with my investment. And it’s not just me, my practice colleagues are also very happy with the new Lisa.

Thank you for your time!