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Fast and simple sterilization with Lisa autoclave

Sterilization, hygiene and maintenance are increasingly important in the dental practice. In order to optimally assist dental clinics in the sterilization process, W&H offers the new Lisa sterilizer with Class B automatic cycles and a fast cycle for dental handpieces. Dorthe Kiær, dental nurse at the Tandlægerne Mindet clinic in Denmark, is in charge of the sterilization process and reports on the main advantages the new Lisa sterilizer from W&H brings to her everyday work. With the new Lisa sterilizer from W&H the Tandlægerne Mindet profits from large time savings. Dorthe Kiær and the practice team are working with the W&H device on a daily basis.

“With a convincing and user-friendly colour touch screen and menu structure the new Lisa from W&H supports an easy navigation. Thanks to self-explanatory symbols and a help interface it is very easy to operate for our clinic team.”

Save time with Lisa autoclave

“The Tandlægerne Mindet clinic in Denmark employs 3 dentists, 1 dental hygienist and 5 dental nurses and at the moment we own two Lisa autoclaves.

The well-used Lisa MB17 sterilizer which has already been in use for several years, has recently been joined by the new Lisa sterilizer from W&H. We have been very satisfied with the performance of the old Lisa MB17, so it was clear for us to additionally acquire the new Lisa. All our re-usable instruments are processed with these two autoclaves. We are working with the new Lisa sterilizer on a daily basis and one of the main advantages we noticed is time saving. As we have a large number of patients – an average of 60 patients per day – it is important for us that our sterilizers work quickly. The Eco Dry technology of the new Lisa adapts the drying time to the mass of the load. This saves a lot of time and also reduces the power consumption.

Another aspect that offers our practice time savings is the new colour touch screen with its user-friendly menu structure. The new Lisa with its self-explanatory symbols and help interface is very easy to navigate. It also allows us to disable all the programs we don´t use, therefore the display is easy to overview. Furthermore the new Lisa sterilizer operates very silently. As we have an open sterilization room it is very important for us to keep a low noise level. I am very pleased with the new modern and compact design. With the new Lisa it is easy to clean the water tanks, because you can remove the tank cover without any tools. Our clinic team is very satisfied with the new Lisa.”