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Hygiene and safety standards in dental practices

Dr Stefano Meravini’s practice in Bergamo treats about 30 patients a day. Two new W&H Lisa sterilizers, installed in autumn 2015, have eliminated unnecessary waiting times between treatments with optimized procedures for instrument reprocessing.

The new Lisa offers intuitive operation
Simple and intuitive operation by the practice team

The nine members of the team at the practice place great emphasis on modern sterilization processes as an important component in ensuring safety and reliability.

The use of the new W&H devices, which support efficient and seamless reprocessing, has enabled Dr Meravini not only to improve the workflow in the practice but also to save money by reducing power consumption. In an interview Dr Meravini discussed his experience with the new Lisa in the practice working day.

Dr Meravini, what is the position of the new Lisa in the hygiene process in your practice?

Dr Meravini: Our practice places very high demands on the hygiene process. As a health professional I expect continuous compliance with hygiene and safety standards – for the sake of the practice team and also for the patients.

The new Lisa supports us with the implementation of our high quality requirements. The high quality of the process can also be recognized by the packed instruments. The patient sees immediately that hygiene is taken very seriously.

The use of innovative and reliable devices for sterilization guarantees a high degree of safety – innovative technologies benefit both the patient and the entire practice team.

perfect sterilization result
Dr Meravini is more than satisfied with the W&H sterilizers.

How do you rate the quality of the new Lisa navigation concept? Does it make work easier for your practice team?

Dr Meravini: Yes, it is much simpler to operate than before. Basically, you can operate the W&H sterilizer like a smartphone. The menu is self-explanatory and is faster, requires less time and is more practical, and has also been simplified.

Efficient, time-saving work is a focus of every modern dental practice. How would you assess the accelerated type B cycle of Lisa (patented Eco Dry technology)?

Dr Meravini: We use cycles for dental handpieces in our practice. The accelerated type B cycle of the W&H sterilizer saves a significant amount of time for us. Lisa detects the size of the load placed in the sterilization chamber and automatically adjusts the drying time with absolutely no need for the operator to set an additional program. The result is a short reprocessing time with sterilized and perfectly dry instruments.

The Eco Dry technology offers not only faster cycle times and increased instrument service life but also optimized power consumption. What do you think of these advantages?

Eco Dry technology
Dental instruments sterilized throughout and completely dried in a short time.

Dr Meravini: The reduced thermal load of the new Lisa protects the instruments better and means their service life is increased.

This, of course, has a positive effect on our investment costs. The optimized power costs also assist us in operating as economically as possible.

Complete documentation of sterilization cycles is essential in the sterilization process. How does the new Lisa support you in this task?

Dr Meravini: It is very easy to save cycles and our assistant signs every cycle. We also run a helix test and a vacuum test once a month, which offers additional safety.

Would you describe the dimensions of the W&H sterilizer as “practical”?

Dr Meravini: I find the dimensions very compact, which made it very easy to integrate the two new Lisa devices into our hygiene process. The integrated high-volume funnel, which prevents water splash during filling, is particularly practical. It is much better for our assistants if as many functions as possible are integrated into one device. This means fewer separate operations and saves valuable time. This is a particular advantage in the evening when we are preparing for the next day’s work.

To finish off, could we ask for your personal evaluation of the new Lisa?

Dr Meravini: From a technical point of view the new Lisa is very reliable and efficient. In my opinion, the price-performance ratio is equally good. The device offers everything that our practice needs for the sterilization of instruments. A particularly important factor for me is also the comprehensive and fast W&H technical support, because the failure of a device can seriously affect our work processes. So far, our experience with our two new Lisa sterilizers has been very good; they have been absolutely reliable.

Thank you for your time, Dr Meravini.

In the interview Dr Stefano Meravini
In the interview Dr Stefano Meravini