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Prosthodontic screwdriver

Practical, fast and no risk

The single-handed operation means the cordless prosthodontic screwdriver is fast and, most importantly, safe and provides the best possible view of the treatment site.

  • Prosthodontic screwdriver

    Precise torque control

    The cordless prosthodontic screwdriver has precise torque control. This enables precise,
    risk-free tightening of retaining screws.

    Using the W&H prosthodontic screwdriver
    also reduces the number of ratchet systems. Only mechanical rotary instruments are required.

    The main features at a glance

    • Torque control for risk-free tightening of the retaining screw
    • Automatic stopping when the adjusted torque is reached
    • Constant speed saves time
    • Cordless for ease of use
    • Small head for the best view
    • Torque wrenches and ratchets are redundant
    Precise torque control

    Precise torque control

    Adjustable from 8 to 40 Ncm in 1 Ncm steps. This allows precise, risk-free tightening of retaining screws.
    Constant speed saves time

    Constant speed saves time

    At 25 revolutions per minute it takes less than 10 seconds to tighten a retaining screw.
    Lubricated for life

    Lubricated for life

    The thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable contra-angle is lubricated for life and must not be oiled.

    Prosthodontic screwdriver

    Prosthodontic screwdriver IA-400

    consists of:
    handpiece drive IA-40 H with key pad,
    contra-angle IA-80 with hexagon chucking system, charging station, battery Li-Ion, mains cable

    REF 16934000

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    Instructions for use

    Find all languages of the Update Hygiene and Maintenance (EN ISO 17664:2017) in the Download Centre.


  • Prosthodontic screwdriver

    Handpiece drive IA-400
    Battery type: Li-Ion
    Battery voltage: 3.7 V
    Rated capacity: 680 mAh
    Speed of the instrument: 25 min -1
    Torque: 8 – 40 Ncm
    Charging time: approx. 100 minutes
    Battery capacity: approx. 40 screws at average torque
    Weight: 90 g

    Charging station
    Mains voltage: 100 – 240 V
    Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
    Rated current: 0.08 – 0.12 A
    Power: 5 W
    Weight: 345 g

    Contra-angle IA-80*
    Type: IA-80
    Transmission ratio: 80:1
    Coupling system: W&H special coupling

    *The contra-angle IA-80 is thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable up to 135 °C