Suction SI-1500

Safe suction

Blood, saliva and saline solution as well as particles of bone and surrounding tissue may cause blockages in your suction system. The suction system of your dental unit is in constant use throughout oral surgical and implantological interventions.

  • Suction

    Minimum effort – maximum effect

    A failure-free operation is imperative for uninterrupted and successful treatment.
    This is guaranteed by the SI-1500 suction unit.
    It retains the extracted material and, in doing so,
    effectively safeguards the pump filter of your
    dental unit against blockages.

    The SI-1500 suction unit is easy to clean, thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable at 121 °C.

    Your advantages at a glance

    • Reliable, good value and long-lasting
    • Preserves your dental unit
    • Possible connection of bone filters
    • Easy to clean


    Suction SI-1500

    consists of:
    container, cover with O-ring, base,
    6 pcs sterile disposable suction tubings
    with disposable suction handpieces

    REF 05276400

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  • Functionality of the suction

    The SI-1500 suction protection system functions impressively simply

    1) The vacuum pump of your dental unit creates a vacuum. The SI-1500 suction is inserted between the suction hose of the dental unit and the sterile suction hose, both hoses lead to the collection tank.

    2) Due to the created vacuum, liquids and particles of tissue from the treatment site are extracted and channelled into the collection tank of the SI-1500 suction.

    3) The extracted material remains in the collection tank. Only air is extracted via the air hose. After treatment, the material remaining in the collection tank can be separated and disposed of.

  • Suction
    Coupling connection on the vacuum side: Ø 11 mm and Ø 16 mm
    Coupling connection on the patient side: W&H coupling system
    Max. capacity: 1,500 ml

    Ø 149 mm / Height 253 mm

    Sterile disposable suction hose
    Length: 2 m
    External diameter: 7.5 mm
    Internal diameter: 5 mm