Proxeo Aura

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The Proxeo Aura Air Polishing System is a real all-rounder. Soft deposits and stains can be removed thoroughly and efficiently without changing the handpiece. The powders, handpiece and spray heads work together perfectly and allow thorough and atraumatic supragingival and subgingival cleaning.

Prophylaxe & Parodontologie

Prophylaxe & Parodontologie


* Multiflex® ist eine Marke einer Drittpartei, die mit W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH nicht in Verbindung steht.

  • Air polishing with system




    Spray head

    Supragingival Prophy Prophylaxis Powder SOFT / Prophylaxis Powder SMOOTH Standard / Optional
    Supragingival, sulcus,
    subgingival pockets < 3 mm
    Perio Prophylaxis Powder SENSITIVE – Glycine Powder Standard / Optional
    Subgingival pockets > 3 mm Perio Prophylaxis Powder SENSITIVE – Glycine Powder Standard / Optional

    Air Polishing System

    It’s in your hands

    Whether you are working supragingivally, in the sulcus or in deep pockets, the combination of the right powder, the corresponding setting on the adjustment ring and the matching spray head ensures you always achieve optimal treatment results.

    Main advantages at a glance

    • Practical adjustment ring for simple switching between prophylaxis and periodontal treatments
    • 3 different powder for a wide range of indications
    • Optimally bundled powder jet for controlled spray pattern and less powder emission
    • Spray attachments with different angles and in different lengths for optimal access
    • Special periodontal accessories for thorough treatment of deep pockets
    • Clear powder container with lateral opening for easy refilling and simple checking of powder level
    • Range of turbine connections – suitable for all devices
    • The choice is yours

      The choice is yours

      Set the right working pressure to suit the clinical indication using the adjustment ring and achieve brilliant treatment results every time.

      › Prophy: for efficient working in the supragingival region
      › Perio: for atraumatic treatment with glycine powder in the supra and subgingival region

    • Slender – almost like a perio probe

      Slender – almost like a perio probe

      The sterile, slender perio tips allow you to work gently, even in deep pockets. Soft and flexible, they adapt perfectly to the periodontal situation. The lateral outlet directs the jet sideways, romoting atraumatic cleaning.

    • Controlled spray pattern

      Controlled spray pattern

      The optimally bundled powder jet with its focused spray pattern ensures controlled and efficient working. In addition, the powder is enveloped in a water jacket upon exiting, which reduces the powder emission.

    • Optimal adaptation

      Optimal adaptation

      The 360° rotation function allows dynamic adaptation of the spray heads to the respective treatment position at any time.

    • 4 different turbine connections

      4 different turbine connections

      The Proxeo Aura air polishing handpiece is available with connections for W&H Roto Quick, KaVo Multiflex, NSK and SIRONA. Simply connect it to the turbine hose and you’re ready to start.

      • Convenient refilling

        Convenient refilling

        The side opening of the powder container means that instead of holding the handpiece when refilling, you can simply rest it on the table. This leaves both your
        hands free, making refilling of the powder much easier.

      • Problem-free workflows

        Problem-free workflows

        The clear powder container allows you to check the powder level at all times, enabling you to integrate a powder change into your workflow with ease.

      • Pretty angled

        Pretty angled

        The special perio spray heads and the 90°- and 120°-angled spray heads in two different lengths ensure you are optimally equipped for all hard-to-reach areas.

      • Cleaning made easy

        Cleaning made easy

        The special cleaning tools can be used to keep the handpiece and spray heads clean at all times.

      • Hygienic reprocessing

        Hygienic reprocessing

        The handpiece can be simply wipe-disinfected. The removable spray heads are thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable.

        Proxeo Aura stands for efficient air polishing. This system with an air polishing handpiece and the corresponding powders allows you to remove supra- and subgingival biofilm, as well as stains – thoroughly and under control.

        Georg Musil
        Product manager W&H, Bürmoos

        The Proxeo Aura is easy to use, ergonomic and suitable for a wide range of applications. Perfect for efficient, supra- and subgingival air polishing!

        Babette McLaren
        Dental hygienist, Munich

        Sets for successful air polishing

        Proxeo Aura Prophy-Set

        › Air polishing handpiece
        › 120° spray head
        Prophylaxis Powder SOFT (250 g)

        REF 08020760

        W&H RotoQuick

        PF-60 M
        REF 08020770

        KaVo Multiflex

        PF-60 N
        REF 08020780


        PF-60 S
        REF 08020790


        Proxeo Aura Perio-Set*

        › Air polishing handpiece
        › 120° spray head
        › Spray head perio
        › 40 perio tips (subgingival)
        Prophylaxis Powder SOFT (250 g)
        Prophylaxis Powder SENSITIVE - Glycine Powder (160 g)

        * only available in EEA and CH

        REF 08020761

        W&H RotoQuick

        PF-60 M
        REF 08020771

        KaVo Multiflex

        PF-60 N
        REF 08020781


        PF-60 S
        REF 08020791


        Proxeo Aura Air Polishing Powder

        Prophylaxis Powder SOFT

        › Based on sodium bicarbonate
        › Average particle size 40 μm
        › Mint taste

        Prophylaxis Powder SOFT
        REF 08020870

        4x250 g

        Prophylaxis Powder SMOOTH

        › Based on calcium carbonate
        › Particle size between 45 μm and 75 μm
        › Neutral taste
        › Free from sodium and silicon (Si)

        Prophylaxis Powder SMOOTH
        REF 08020880

        4x250 g

        Prophylaxis Powder SENSITIVE – Glycine Powder*

        › Based on glycine
        › Average particle size 25 μm
        › Sweetish taste
        › Water soluble

        * only available in EEA and CH

        Prophylaxis Powder SENSITIVE
        REF 08020890

        2x160 g

        Perio tips

        Subgingival perio tips

        40 pcs

        Subgingival perio tips
        REF 08020860

      • Air polishing handpiece

        Operating air pressure bar:


        Operating water pressure bar:



        155 g

        Dimensions (W×D×H):

        200×90×50 mm

        Ambient conditions:

        from +10°C to +35°C
        relative humidity of 30% to 75%


        PF-60/W&H Roto Quick, PF-60 M/KaVo Multiflex
        PF-60 N/NSK, PF-60 S/SIRONA

        Air pressure P:

        800 hPa/1,060 hPa

        Spray heads:

        Thermo washer disinfectable

        Sterilizable up to the
        stated temperature

        Perio tips:

        Not for re-use

        Sterilized with ethylene oxide