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Ozone generator by W&H

With Prozone, the ozone generator by W&H, you will discover the unexpected powers of disinfection. Suitable for use in virtually all aspects of dentistry, it is highly effective in the prevention of inflammation and infection.

  • Your advantages at a glance

    • no residence time
    • reduced treatment time
    • easy to manage
    • easy to manage
    • overexposure is not possible
    Functional principle of Prozone

    Strength you can rely on

    Ozone is a powerful form of oxygen. It is produced by exposing the filtered air to a high electrical voltage and applied directly, destroying bacteria and viruses through oxidation.
    Functional principle of ProzoneAir is drawn into the device through a special pump. This air is transferred to a filter that purifies and dehydrates it. The clean dry air is then induced into the generator.
    Best possible treatment results

    Good, safe treatment assured

    Only a minimal dose of ozone is needed for effective treatment. That is why Prozone only produces such minimal amounts. Combined with the preset application times (6", 12", 18", 24") the best possible treatment results are therefore guaranteed. Dosage measurements are continually being monitored by a unique patented sensor in the device, which means the minimal amounts cannot be exceeded. The generated ozone immediately breaks down to become oxygen after the treatment.
    Preset application times

    Getting down to the essentials

    By discharging a high-voltage tube, our device produces the exact concentration and dosage of ozone. Prozone is extremely practical and easy to use – the necessary dosages for the different applications are preset:
    6 Seconds – Cavity disinfection technique

    6 Seconds – Acid etch bonding technique for composite restoration

    12 Seconds – Surgical disinfection

    18 Seconds – Periodontal treatment

    24 Seconds – Endodontic treatment

    100% steril
    The Prozone handpiece is sterilizable


    consists of:
    Ozone generator, handpiece, handpiece tube with connector, foot control, mains cord, filter cartridge, Coro-, Endo- und Perio-tips

    REF 12930100

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  • Prozone

    Supply voltage 100–240 V AC
    Frequency: 50–60 Hz
    Power: 30 VA
    Fuse: 2 × 250 V T1.00L
    Operating mode: Continuous
    Protection class: Class II (with functional earth connection)
    Applied Part: Typ BF
    Degree of Safety in
    presence of a flammable anesthetic:
    Not suitable
    Ozone production: 140ppm @ 2L/min
    Weight: 1.8 kg
    Dimensions: 24 cm × 26.5 cm × 6.5 cm