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New generation of W&H sterilizers: an incredible user experience

New safety and new intelligence. These are two key terms for the new generation of W&H sterilizers. Equipped with the latest technology, the new Lisa and Lara support customers to face their daily and future challenges. They help to make the reprocessing workflow in the dental practice more efficient and secure. Dr Ing. Marino Luigi Magno, Member of the General Management of W&H Sterilization, knows what is important in current product development and what today's customers are looking for.

Dr Ing. Marino Magno - R&D, Product Management | W&H Sterilization
Dr Ing. Marino Magno - R&D, Product Management | W&H Sterilization

Dr Magno, you have recently launched a new generation of sterilizers. W&H products are well known for high-end sterilization on the market – what was the intention of the further development?

Dr Magno: Dentistry is evolving very fast. We are observing a growing need of controlling the process, more documentation and full traceability. Especially time efficiency is always required for the entire process. This not only refers to fast sterilization cycles and the sterilization process itself, but also to the entire reprocessing workflow in practice. For example, an automated documentation process saves valuable time. There are lot of countries where documentation is still done manually. With EliTrace – a special feature of our new generation of Lisa sterilizers – we provide a new enhanced and automated documentation system. The intention of our further development is to make the process faster and traceable.

This means, the new generation of sterilizers is an answer to changing market needs?

Dr Magno: It is always our customer, who makes us doing something better and finding innovative solutions. For this reason, for example, we have introduced activation codes to our second model of sterilizers, the new Lara. Depending on the future requirements of the practice or regulatory requirements, these activation codes ensure that practice demands can be covered at any time. In case of new legal regulations, customers can easily update their sterilizer by activating additional features. This also means that you only pay for features you activate and actually use.

What features does the new generation of Lisa sterilizers offer to dental practices?

Dr Magno: The clear aim of our premium line is to improve the user experience. Therefore, we equipped Lisa with artificial intelligence. We call it “EliSense”, but in simple words, it is a kind of artificial intelligence, we are providing the sterilizer with. It turns high-end type B sterilizing into an efficient and safe work process. EliSence offers three features or benefits let's say: EliSense Smart Sense provides important statistics on efficiency. This means Lisa is learning use-by-use and makes suggestions for more efficiency in the sterilization process. EliSense Status Sense allows users to remotely identify the status of the sterilizer using LEDs. It indicates whether the device is working properly or not. At least EliSense Temperature Sense, which is something completely new in industry, warns if the door is already open, but the load is still too hot to be touched.

What about documentation then?

Dr Magno: Today everything is developing in more stringent documentation. Since now, there was only the possibility of documenting the sterilization cycle. It was not possible to identify the instruments in the sterilization cycle automatically. Existing systems require a separate computer with separate software for documentation. Lisa's new EliTrace system manages all documentation by the sterilizer itself, which means a significant simplification of the process.

Can you give us a summary of the benefits of Lisa?

Dr Magno: A completely new user experience, time efficiency, the best performance, high efficiency and a complete, automated documentation – these are the four main pillars of the premium line.

And Lara? What are the core benefits that haven’t existed before?

Dr Magno: Lara is the fastest sterilizer in its segment. Users can process 2 kg of load in 38 minutes, which is an amazing cycle time for a sterilizer in this category. We have also taken a huge step ahead with the user interface. Basically we are using a premium user interface. Therefore, Lara stands for best performance and usability. In addition, Lara stands for more. Because with Lara, you are optimally positioned for the future. It allows an update of the sterilizer through activation codes. Depending on the future needs of the practice or the regulatory requirements, Lara can be easily customized and upgraded. This enables users to activate more speed and an extended documentation. These are features which are usually requested in premium countries. However, the dental industry continues to evolve, and we are confident that documentation and legal requirements will be more requested and mandatory in the near future. We are convinced that Lara is the perfect solution for Midrange Markets.

What is the idea behind the upgradeability of Lara?

Dr Magno: If you have all the activation codes from Lara, you can take advantage of premium features by only paying the price for a mid-range sterilizer. That is the point.

Why shall customers rely on W&H the product portfolio?

Dr Magno: We are experts in the dental sector for 130 years now, and we are looking back on 20 years of experience in the development and manufacture of sterilizers. In the innovation process, we always focus on the customers and their needs. Therefore, we know his entire working process, the application and the international legal regulations. One very important point is that we always work on the basis of the latest scientific findings. With our sterilization portfolio, we offer our customers a flexible, secure, high quality and reliable package not only today, but also in the future.

What are the further aims of W&H regarding infection prevention and reprocessing of instruments?

Dr Magno: The philosophy of the W&H Group is not only to provide products, but real solutions for daily work. Today's customer is no longer only interested in individual products. He has a problem and is looking for support to solve it – this is exactly where we come in, with our many years of application experience to be able to offer the best solution for the reprocessing workflow.

Thank you for the interview.

Marino Magno and Mario Pelosin (Accountancy, Finance & Controlling W&H Steri) in lively discussion.
Marino Magno and Mario Pelosin (Accountancy, Finance & Controlling W&H Steri) in lively discussion.
Marino Magno presents the new generation of sterilizers: New Lara and new Lisa.
Marino Magno presents the new generation of sterilizers: New Lara and new Lisa.