W&H and Osstell presented all-in-one solution for implantology

At the EAO’s 25th Annual Scientific Congress in Paris, W&H and Osstell presented the result of their current cooperation. Launched on the 1st of September 2016, the new W&H Implantmed surgical device with the optional W&H Osstell ISQ module, offers clinicians a unique system for a reliable assessment of the implant stability and the degree of osseointegration. From 29th September to 1st October 2016 the two companies presented the new all-in-one solution at the EAO congress to scientific experts from around the world. As a forum for European and international professionals, the congress, which was organized by the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO), offered an ideal platform for demonstrating the benefits of the new Implantmed in high-level practical trainings and expert discussions.

W&H Managing Director Peter Malata (left) and Osstell CEO Jonas Ehinger
W&H Managing Director Peter Malata (left) and Osstell CEO Jonas Ehinger
perfect partner for developing oral surgery equipment.
...perfect partner for developing oral surgery equipment.

For the high demands required by the implantology market W&H and Osstell presented the new Implantmed surgical device with its optional W&H Osstell ISQ module to a professional and scientific audience at the annual EAO congress. “With the launch of the new Implantmed, we started a close development, sales and marketing cooperation, as well as joint scientific activities with our partner Osstell. At the EAO congress we demonstrated the unique combination of our state-of-the-art technologies and brought the benefits closer to clinicians from all over the world,” explains W&H Managing Director Peter Malata.

With the new generation of the Implantmed, W&H not only improves the surgical device’s functionality but also provides an efficient, clinically proven and reliable solution for measuring the implant stability. Equipped with the optional W&H Osstell ISQ module, the implant stability can be objectively monitored, the healing period can be controlled and thereby the treatment time optimized. The unique system not only allows clinicians an improved management, especially of patients at risk, but also delivers more comfort and satisfaction to the customers. “We are very happy that such a recognized company as W&H has chosen to partner with Osstell, with the intent to bring innovative products to the market that will help clinicians to further improve implant treatment and patient comfort. Osstell’s implant stability diagnostics combined with the state of the art Implantmed for the surgical placement, provides a unique capability benefitting both clinicians and patients”, says Jonas Ehinger, CEO Osstell.

Particular focus of the Implantmed presentation at the EAO booths from W&H and Osstell was on the unique combination for the clinician of the insertion torque control and the initial stability ISQ measurement. Furthermore a patient-ID and tooth position related documentation of the insertion torque and the ISQ value, supports users with a comprehensive and more predictable treatment protocol. With live demonstrations, interested visitors could see for themselves the functionalities of the new Implantmed and its’ customizable features for different applications.

Osstell Scientific Symposium: ISQ diagnostics in everyday practice

Latest research and clinical use of the Osstell ISQ technology were presented at the Osstell Scientific Symposium on Thursday 29th of September 2016. Held in conjunction with EAO 2016 the symposium provided around 250 registered clinicians insights into the noninvasively assessment of osseointegration and implant stability from internationally renowned implant specialists. The new Implantmed with the optional Osstell ISQ module was part of the case presentation from Dr. Jörg Neugebauer, who gave exclusive insights into a safe implant treatment. In an interactive workshop he underlined the importance of the treatment time and a predictable outcome for the clinician as well as the patient. Another advantage which was emphasized by the implant specialist was the minimization of the number of devices required during implant placement. Users benefit from an efficient working process and more convenience in the surgical environment.

Strong interest among the EAO congress visitors and valuable discussions were showing the high relevance of the new Implantmed with the optional W&H Osstell ISQ module for the field of modern implantology. Best functionality and maximum of efficiency during treatment are in focus of the new product. As a unique cooperation result, the all-in-one-solution developed by W&H and Osstell was a major talking point at the congress.

Photos: Claude Lepaire Paris