Customizable program sequences with Implantmed

In practices with a number of dentists and different treatment concepts in particular, customizing the operating parameters (speed, torque and quantity of coolant) on a surgical unit represents a challenge for personnel when preparing for an operation.

However, with the new Implantmed customized programs can be easily created for every user and for every treatment and permanently saved in the unit. When preparing for an operation, the dental assistant then merely has to select the default settings or the saved program for the dental surgeon who will be performing the procedure. In this way, it is also possible to hide programs such as threading and implant insertion, which are not required for oral surgery applications. As a surgeon, I am then only shown the programs that are absolutely necessary for the treatment at hand. The touch screen can be used simply and reliably even after being covered with a sterile film, making it also possible to alter the device parameters without breaking the sterile chain. One particularly elegant feature is the fact that the selection can be set infinitely by swiping a bar, meaning repeated pressing is no longer necessary.

The illumination of the instruments, which is now controlled by the motor, is also particularly efficient, as it can be used as a torch for the surgical site even if the instrument itself is not running. As the unit is operated via a cordless, wireless foot control, the dentist also benefits from not having any cables on the floor as trip hazards. The combination of the foot control for multiple devices such as the Piezomed is also particularly advantageous and gives you considerably more freedom to move your legs.