New LatchShort polishing system from W&H

In modern dental treatment, the professional, mechanical removal of plaque and biofilm is an integral part of the prophylaxis workflow. In the new Proxeo TWIST LatchShort polishing system, W&H is now presenting a system with a working height 4 mm shorter than standard latch systems. The perfect combination of the contra-angle handpiece WP-66 W with the W&H Prophy cups and brushes offers users even more freedom of movement in the oral cavity.

Rotary polishing instruments such as those already produced and marketed by W&H for many years, now remove plaque and discolourations with the perfectly coordinated Prophy cups and brushes in accordance with the recommendations of the Consensus Report of the European Federation for Periodontology (EFP) [1]. According to the EFP’s Consensus Report, in addition to daily oral hygiene at home, professional mechanical plaque removal (PMPR) of calcified and soft deposits (biofilm) represents one of the most important prophylactic measures against gingivitis and the periodontitis/periimplantitis which develops as a result.

Minimal working height for optimal access during rotary polishing

As the latest member of the Proxeo TWIST family of W&H, the LatchShort polishing system gives users improved access to teeth surfaces, allowing them to polish even hard-to-reach areas of the upper jaw and lower molar regions perfectly. This is made possible by the considerably reduced working height of the new LatchShort polishing system of W&H. The small head of the prophylaxis contra-angle handpiece WP-66 W combined with the new Prophy cups and brushes with shortened shaft allows even simpler polishing. This translates to even greater comfort during professional polishing of the teeth for users and their patients alike.

Slimline design
The new Proxeo TWIST LatchShort system amazes with its slimline design.
High comfort during polishing
High comfort during professional polishing.

Treatment quality for beautiful teeth with perfect surface areas

In the new LatchShort polishing system, W&H is offering an ideally compiled system comprising the contra-angle handpiece WP-66 W and perfectly customized Prophy cups and brushes. The Proxeo TWIST Prophy cups adapt optimally to the surfaces of the teeth. The special design with internal fins ensures precise application of the paste.

Ridges on the exterior aim to prevent the polishing paste from spattering. Equipped with a smooth surface at the end of the cap enables users to work in the sulcus region with precision. The Prophy cup fits flush against the head of the contra-angle handpiece to prevent saliva and polishing paste from entering the contra-angle handpiece head. The push-button chuck makes it easy to change Prophy cups and brushes in next to no time. The new W&H Prophy cups and brushes are available in different hardnesses.

W&H Prophy Cups, Brushes
The new W&H Prophy cups and brushes provide assistance with the targeted removal of biofilm and discolouration.
Prophy Cups
W&H Prophy cups with internal fins for precise application of paste.
Rapid  changing of cups
The new W&H LatchShort system allows rapid changing of the W&H Prophy cups.
WP-66 W
The new Proxeo TWIST LatchShort system for rotary polishing.