W&H launches a virtual brand world

Customer-centric communication reimagined

Any time, anywhere – experience W&H virtually and up close! With its launching of the new Experience Center, W&H is breaking new ground in product communication: the virtual brand world is the epitome of innovation, awakens emotions, enthrals and thrills. Products and events that can be experienced live provide B2B and B2C customers with fascinating insights and offer a completely fresh user experience.

W&H Experience Center – You never know what happens next.
Keeping with the motto “You never know what happens next”, W&H makes it possible for the company’s customers to experience its products in a virtual setting.

“We wanted to find an innovative way to maintain contacts globally that, while virtual, is also personal. We call this virtual world the “W&H Experience Center” because it draws visitors into a completely novel product and brand experience. The W&H Experience Center will transform our go-to-market strategy, how we attract interest from new quarters and how we engage in cross-selling with our existing clients. We are not only setting a benchmark for the dental industry, but also sending out an important signal to the market: the customer is our priority, whether they are the dentist or the patient. We ensure the best possible treatment thanks to high-quality products, but we are also increasingly focussed on knowledge transfer. Innovation is not only a question of discovering new products,” explained W&H’s President Peter Malata.

The virtual brand world is modelled on the W&H headquarters. In the image: W&H President Peter Malata
The virtual brand world is modelled on the W&H headquarters.
In the image: W&H President Peter Malata

With just one click you can be there live!

The W&H Experience Center is online right now at Keeping with the motto “You never know what happens next”, the new world of experiences and all of its product highlights can be explored on a computer or on the go using a tablet or smartphone. Monthly updates and events keep the excitement constantly at a high level for our customers, interested parties and partners. The clear focal point is the variety of product information and usage tips, as well as the ability to interact with the company, for example using live chat or through W&H employees themselves delivering detailed background information in the form of digital avatars.

“We want to offer our W&H fans the opportunity of identifying with the W&H brand and our products even more in a modern way. With personally guided tours in the Experience Center, W&H becomes an experience that our clients can live,” said Bastian Diebald, W&H Vice President Sales & Marketing.

So far, about 80 videos have been integrated to make the brand experience as realistic as possible. In the future, a wide range of exclusive events will be held in the W&H Experience Center. These will include: live talks, online training, keynote deliveries and much more.

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