E-sports sponsored by W&H

The ongoing e-sports hype does not stop at industrial enterprises, as the medical device manufacturer W&H proves. The Bürmoos-based company decided to cooperate with the e-sports organisation Morekats. Together, they want to promote the professional gaming scene in Austria and make it more visible.

The Morekats and W&H team
The Morekats and W&H team: Miloš Pavlović, Benedikt Fial, Clemens Hausmann, Anita Thallinger, Manja Gesierich, Christof Baier (from left).

Morekats is a young and ambitious e-sports organisation “made in Austria”. Originally having played tactical shooter games themselves, Miloš Pavlović and Clemens Hausmann founded their own organisation in the summer of 2019. In the meantime, the team has grown to 10 people: team managers, coaches, social media managers and editors. Depending on the season, up to 35 players are under contract with Morekats..

Courage meets passion

So how did the collaboration between W&H and Morekats come about? Last year, they met at the Salzburg gaming and e-sports festival LEVEL UP and hit it off right away. The connecting element: team sports and team organisation. Anita Thallinger, Director of Marketing at W&H, explains the motivation behind the sponsorship: “W&H stands for innovation – that also means being a pioneer and supporter. Becoming active in the field of e-sports as a non-endemic brand requires not only passion for this relatively new field, but also a certain amount of guts. For us, it’s an appealing way to reach Generation Z and charge our brand with emotions.” In a first stage of the cooperation, W&H and Morekats will present themselves together at live streams, events and tournaments. Additional plans are already being forged.

Why W&H is a good fit for e-sports

Achieving more as a team: what applies in e-sports is also common practice at W&H. Morekats will be supporting W&H in the training of young talents in the future. The focus will be on enhancing online skills and learning how to use new media. However, gaming sessions will also be offered, since high reaction speed, good hand-eye coordination, multitasking and social communicative skills within a team are just as much in demand in the dental industry as in e-sports. “Learning from the best – this is the principle we also follow in our W&H Campus training centre. We therefore have more in common with Morekats than meets the eye. With the e-sports platform, we are also opening up new recruiting channels,” explains training coordinator Christof Baier.

Teamwork is a top priority for Morekats and W&H.
Teamwork is a top priority for Morekats and W&H: Miloš Pavlović, Benedikt Fial, Clemens Hausmann (from left).

From Salzburg to the top of the world

More than five million Austrians play video games, and the market continues to grow rapidly.
Around 50,000 of them are registered e-sports players, but there is still a lot of upward potential. While talented players in Scandinavian countries, for example, are supported in their own e-sports academies, pioneering work still needs to be done in Austria. Together with Morekats, W&H wants to expand Rocket League tournaments in the D-A-CH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). The online team sport guarantees excitement and a high entertainment factor. “We are very happy to work with the hidden champ on joint projects and to offer them reach in our scene. By entering a young market, they are also taking on a pioneering role,” say Morekats Miloš Pavlović and Clemens Hausmann, who are very pleased about the collaboration with W&H. In the long term, the two are aiming even higher: “Someday, we want to be able to send one of our teams to a major event where the best in the world compete to play for multi-million sums.”

Salzburg’s gaming community meets again

The next opportunity to taste success on Austrian soil will be on July 1 and 2 at the Messezentrum Salzburg. At its second edition, LEVEL UP will bring the community together in the real world to game, network and compete in e-sports tournaments. A competition organised by Morekats is also on the agenda: at the “Morekats Mayhem #3 – Rocket League Tournament”, a total of 1,500 euros in prize money will be up for grabs. W&H will once again be present at LEVEL UP with its own exhibition area to engage with gamers and e-sports fans.

Morekats is hosting the finals of its third Rocket League tournament at LEVEL UP.
Morekats is hosting the finals of its third Rocket League tournament at LEVEL UP.

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