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Assistina 301 plus

Maintenance System

Automatic instrument maintenance procedures provide distinct advantages for correct cleaning and lubrication as well as perfect function and long working life of dental instruments. It is simple, safe and cost-reducing.

Sterilization, Hygiene & Maintenance

Sterilization, Hygiene & Maintenance

System Overview

  • Assistina 301 plus

    Maintenance at the touch-of-a-button

    The maintenance process starts automatically at the touch of a button. After only 35 seconds, the instrument is perfectly maintained.

    The automatic rotational lubrication ensures optimum distribution of the oil and that an even film of lubricant is created. Dirt particles are loosened and removed. The lifespan of the instruments is increased significantly whilst service costs are reduced.

    Your advantages at a glance

    • Cleaning and lubrication of the internal components with Service Oil through rotation
    • Optimum cleaning of the spray water and spray air channels with cleaning fluid
    • Flushing through with compressed air
    Maintenance at the touch-of-a-button

    Maintenance at the touch-of-a-button

    01 Connect the instrument. Close the cover.
    02 Press the button. Maintenance program starts automatically.
    03 After 35 seconds, the cleaning and lubrication process is finished leaving a perfectly maintained instrument.
    Rotational lubrication

    Rotational lubrication

    01 Contra-angle handpiece gearing after conventional maintenance with oil spray can
    02 Contra-angle handpiece gearing after Assistina maintenance with rotational lubrication

    The automatic rotational lubrication ensures the optimum flow of oil to internal components, whilst grime and other matter is removed by the cleaning fluid, resulting in minimal friction, less wear and longer life.

    Because of the dispensing system, only a small amount released during each maintenance cycle optimum lubrication, making it very no need for further lubrication.
    Assistina – always a winner

    Assistina – always a winner

    In 2009, the tried and tested W&H Assistina was awarded the title of „Best automatic instrument care system 2009“ by the Townie Choice Awards® at US Dental Magazine DentalTown. This survey is used by many dentists in the USA to aid the decision to purchase new products.

    In total, more than 1,000 dentists voted online and selected the Assistina as the test winner from three other well-known competitor products.

    We are proud of this accolade and hope to be able to gain the trust of more dentists in future with our innovative and reliable products.

    Assistina 301 plus

    with base adaptor

    Assistina 301 plus
    REF 00030140

    Set Assistina 301 plus

    consists of: Assistina 301 plus,
    base adaptor, cleaning and lubricating set

    Set Assistina
    301 plus

    REF 00030125

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  • Assistina 301 plus

    Assistina 301 plus
    Air consumption: approx. 60 Nl/min.
    Operating pressure: 4 - 10 bar
    (controlled via an integrated automatic pressure controller)
    Max. volume: 63 dB
    Height / Width / Depth: 223 mm x 190 mm x 415 mm
    Weight: 2.7 kg
    Capacity: 250 ml W&H Cleaning fluid, MC-1000
    250 ml W&H Service Oil F1, MD-500
    Designed for: Straight and contra-angle handpieces, turbines,
    air motors and air-driven scalers